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  Janggut Laksa – The original Katong Spoon Laksa The one that i went to is a branch located within Queensway shopping centre. To those who often frequent queensway for the cheap sports wear and clothes, u must have seen it before. Went there to buy shoe but didn’t fancy any. O well It proclaimed […]

Sakura International Buffet (Science Centre) Sakura is being located in ommi centre, beside the science centre in jurong. A pretty strange place to locate a restaurant if you asked me. Ommi centre does not have rather much visitors, but when i reached sakura, it is quite crowded despite the place being a little hard to […]



Went to Vil”age (pronounced “V-Lah-J”) for dinner with my friends. Upon entering the restaurant, we were given a bar-code ticket which was being used to scan for any food or drinks purchase. This idea of using a bar-code can be good or bad; good because we can pay upon leaving for what we actually selected […]

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Inference to the previous post, Do you rise each morning and make love to your favorite sweetie? Per chance, would your sweetie be filled with sugar and have a hole in the middle? If so, you are not the only donut lover in the countryside…. The problem – or should I say ‘problems’ with donuts […]