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Why do i want to be a blurber?

Ever visited an expensive restaurant after reading a sponsored review and was utterly disappointed? Blurbme is the only site in singapore where you can get the dips on where to get best bang for your dollar. Let us show you how!

We share reliable reviews contributed from real people on the best places to go in Singapore. With blurbme, you can:

Review. Be a critic. Share with the world your discerning taste. Tell everyone what you think about your favorite hangout joints. Learn what others really think. Get the low-down on the new places in town.
Mingle. Find out what your friends are doing for the week and maybe meet some special new friends along the way.
Party. Invite your friends to kick-ass parties hosted by you or other organizers with totally free BlurbVites.

Once you’ve tried us, you’ll find we are the ultimate guidebook to leading a hedonistic life in Singapore.

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2 Responses to “Blurbme”

  1. Thanks for recommending blurbme 🙂 now we’ll have better reviews!

  2. 2 ladyironchef

    Haha no problem man. U sign up already add me as a friend, my account is brad

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