Say NO to Donuts (Do-nots)


Inference to the previous post,

Do you rise each morning and make love to your favorite sweetie? Per chance, would your sweetie be filled with sugar and have a hole in the middle? If so, you are not the only donut lover in the countryside….

The problem – or should I say ‘problems’ with donuts is that they are filled with sugar, fat and calories and simply put, we are what we eat. Cramming your favorite sweetie down your throat translates to sugar, fat and calories inside of you.

Donuts Sugar Raised – Calories 340

Walking – with dog 252 calories in 1 hr

Thats hardly enough to burn the calories of eating ONE donut. Imagine eating a few donuts at one go.

Stay away from me, you evil donuts. Shoo!

Say NO to donuts, YES to a better life!

Have you Blurb?


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