Went to Vil”age (pronounced “V-Lah-J”) for dinner with my friends. Upon entering the restaurant, we were given a bar-code ticket which was being used to scan for any food or drinks purchase.

This idea of using a bar-code can be good or bad; good because we can pay upon leaving for what we actually selected from the freshly produced products available at the many market stalls, giving us the freedom at eating in a peaceful mind, and bad because we will end up losing control, because it is simply very easy to just scan your card without thinking of the price.

I ordered a pork chop with potato mash which comes at 8.80. I found the price to be rather reasonable although the servings are rather small and not filling. One of my friend ordered steak which has salad with it. The steak is so small that it is not bigger than my palm, i kid u not.

My other friends ordered sausages, pizza which turn out to be quite decent, but of course it came with a price.

Overall, Világe provides a new eating experience, dining in Vila’ge is like sitting in an old European Village outdoors and eating direct from the Farm fresh market stalls on a Saturday market. The environment and atmosphere is pretty good, but if only they provide a bigger serving.  4 out of 5

Vil’age (The Heeren)

#B1-01, The Heeren
260 Orchard Road, 238855
Tel: 67376996    

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