Laksa mai Hum (no cockles)



Janggut Laksa – The original Katong Spoon Laksa

The one that i went to is a branch located within Queensway shopping centre. To those who often frequent queensway for the cheap sports wear and clothes, u must have seen it before. Went there to buy shoe but didn’t fancy any. O well

It proclaimed itself to be the original Katong Laksa. Anyway, the debate on who is the original Katong Laksa rages on. The Laksa (picture below) main characteristics is that it is made from self-made coconut husk scoop, no chopstick spoon only, short bee hoon, use fresh coconut milk.

 Hmm.. the laksa taste quite good, in particular the soup. The soup is quite special, unlike the normal laksa, u can taste egg one, i like!” BUT, the short bee hoon which makes it easier to eat using spoon, is very little. The serving is small, eating one bowl is simply no filling and not enough. The ingredients are small prawn, fish cake and cockles.  Cost 3 bucks per bowl, actually 3 bucks is considered reasonable, but the serving is too small.


All in all, the laksa is good, but serving too small not enough. If not being rational, i will have ordered another bowl.

4.5 out 5


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