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Ah-ha, finally visited Sun with Moon at wheelock. Ever since i went to Jap Dining Sun, or rather even way before that i wanted to come to Sun with Moon. Modern Decor, Value for money and delicious set lunch, what more do you want? As usual rule no one, i made a reservation in advance, […]



  Well well, went to Alaturka at Bussorah Street with Weehong, Hongyi, Yixuan, Sherman. Wanted to try something more exotic because was getting a bit bored of eating chinese, western, and jap food. Its sort of a combination of turkey and mediterranean cuisine. I had make a reservation in advance, and they saved their best seat for […]

Island Creamery


  Long heard of this famous ice-cream shop but did not have a chance to patronise it. Today Mister Ang driving so finally had the chance to go there. So after finishing our dinner at Greenwood, we head straight to serene centre which was nearby. When we reached the place it was full house, so we waited a while for […]

  The intimate Bistro welcomes you with its fresh flowers on tables, blue and gold decor and open kitchen. Dark wood furnishings, subtle lighting and a candlelight option create a romantic and warm feel. Great seafood platters are a highlight, suitable for appetizers or main courses, individually or shared. (Picture “stolen” from Went with […]

We have always been curious to find out why a hotdog is called a “hotdog” and not a “colddog”? The origin of hot dogs started all the way from the main ingredient – the sausage. There is some disagreement though as to whether the Austrians or the Germans invented the sausage. However, most people will […]