Yum Cha – Drinking Tea


Had Business lunch at Yum Cha restaurant, one of the more commonly recognize Dim-Sum restaurant in Singapore probably due to their TV advertisements. The other one which will come to my mind thinking of dim-sum will be Fortunate Restaurant also because of their TV adverts.

The menu was done up very nicely and shows colorful, attractive pictures of the dim-sum. The place was quite full, so we had to wait a while before the food was served. The service was all right i guess, we can get the attention of the waitress quite easily.

The Dim-sum taste and looks good, price is reasonable i guess, although u cant compare it with a dim-sum buffet. We had cheong fun, carrot cake, xiaolongbao, glutinous rice in lotus leaf, chicken giant bun, steamed bean curd skin roll, steamed pork ribs, har gao, century egg congee, fried vegetarian spring roll.

Personally my fav dim sum will be egg tart, siew mai, char shao siew, and glutinous rice in lotus leaf. Yum Cha also have dim-sum buffet, its available from 3pm-6pm at $16.80 per person. So if u are a big eater, go on and have the buffet.

Quite a wide range of dim-sum available, too many for you to taste it all.

4 out of 5

#02-0120 Trengganu Street, 058479
Tel: 63721717  Fax: 63235375    

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One Response to “Yum Cha – Drinking Tea”

  1. 1 belyl

    personally dun really find that the dim sum there is really very nice. Still prefer those from Tung Lok.

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