Siam Kitchen (Bugis)


Hmm.. Went to Bugis for Ddrawers first offical meeting with tay xuan. Don’t know what to eat, so after walking around for a while, we saw siam kitchen was having a eat-all-you-can lunch buffet for $14.90, 14 dishes to choose from, add $1.99 for your free-flow of iced lemon tea. Mr tay was keen to try and besides nothing much to choose from, so here we go.

The menu (picture removed) is basically what is available in the “buffet”, actually i dun really think it is a “buffet”. Definition of buffet, courtesy from wikipedia: A buffet is a meal-serving system where patrons serve themselves. It is a popular method of feeding large numbers of people with minimal staff. So you have it, we certainly didn’t serve ourselve by getting the food from the usual-buffet-style, instead we choose from the menu the 14 dishes. The first round they gave us all to test-test, so after that we can ordered what we like for our “second round”. This supposely is not to waste food.


Well well, the 14 dishes but hold on a sec, i think there is onli 13. O well, they must have somehow missed out one dish. The food was so-so, serving was for two person because the restaurant was afraid we “wasted”food, they say we can always ordered in the second round if we liked the food.

Lets see, the dishes that i notably still remember; the lemongrass chicken wing was okay i guess, as for the spicy thai vegetable pickles i found it rather refreshing. Omelette with onion was fine but they came in two small slices. Kangkong with chili was not hot at all, pineapple fried rice does not have any pineapple but still taste quite nice all the same.

As for the rest of the dishes, you have to try it for yrself as i can’t remember, or rather i only have a bite of them. Although the food i did not enjoy, but the service in the restaurant was good, the staff was quite attentive and they re-filled our free flow ice lemon tea very fast, we had about 7-8 glass i think.

Conclusion of meal, thai food is not for me, or rather i am not for thai food.

2 Out of 5

#02-46, Parco Bugis Junction
200 Victoria St, 188021
Tel: 63373777    

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