Will you go on a (Buffet) date with me?


I chanced upon this article while surfing through the net,so i thought I’ll share it with everyone.

Snow crabs, check. Foie gras, check. Caviar, fondue, champagne; check, check, check. Now, how is that for a first date? The food was superb, the service too. The atmosphere at the restaurant was enchanting and conversation simply flowed between the two of us. You can say that it was indeed a perfect date.

The catch? We were having a buffet dinner. Not that it bothered me. However, I know of girls who will baulk at being brought to a buffet for a first date, no matter how classy the restaurant is. Blame it on buffet’s embarrassing history.

In the past, buffets were value-for-money deals where we would stuff ourselves silly with food that could be found easily anywhere. Items like fried rice, curry chicken, satay, assorted fruits and tarts were featured prominently on buffet spreads. At a relatively low cost of around twenty dollars, the draw of limitless servings of food was too good for most Singaporeans to resist.

Times have changed though. No longer are buffets a generic spread of popular items. Buffet spreads now cater to a select audience and do their best to satisfy this target audience’s needs and wants. A good quality buffet dinner like the one I had can cost up to over a hundred dollars per couple.

I know, buffets used to be a poor excuse for a proper dinner, let alone a first date. However, guys who play their cards well will know how to win the approval of their foodie dates like me. I like the fact that buffets allow me countless servings of my favourites, yet without the stiff formality of a six course dinner. Girls on diet can tuck into their salads, sashimi and soups, while others like me can feast on pork knuckles, ribs, tempura and everything else in between. Guys will also be spared from wondering which type of cuisine their dates prefer.

Girls have (and probably will always have) high standards, be it in fashion, food or their dates. Show her that you can be different, even with a buffet dinner. Choose a seat by the window, ask her what she likes and personally bring food for her to enjoy. Instead of hurrying through a set dinner, take your time to savour the spread of food in front of you, at your own pace. Enjoy each other’s company and observe what she likes to eat. More than just the food, you are showing her exactly how attentive you are to such details. More than anything, your small thoughtful acts will make the difference.

So what are you waiting for? Buffets for a first date or even Valentine’s Day, try it!

Credits: Ernonee’s Mouse


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