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Jumbo Jumbo, the famous Jumbo Restaurant, which i finally conquer tonight. Haha. Went there to celebrate my mom’s birthday. When we reach at 6.30pm, the place was not full, BUT they are all reserved! And the seats available are the outdoor dining area. Wait man, don’t start blaming me that i did not make a reservation. I tried. I called at 4 but no one answer the phone. O well, i think the seats are always against me. So we had to make do with the outdoor area, and o boy, it was raining cats and dogs. The waitress even had to carry an umbrella to bring the dishes over.


TaaDaaa!! LOBSTER!! OH MY GOD! I tell you, Lobsters are my fav food, no doubt about it at all. i can just eat lobster with white rice. There are many methods of cooking the lobster, my fav is salad lobster of couse, you can also steam it with soya souce, minced garlic, or stir-fried with ginger & spring onion, braised with superior broth, stired-fried with cheese & butter, and baked with cheese & bacon. Honestly i never had the luxury of trying all types of cooking methods, just had steamed one, deep-fried, and salad lobsters before. And i prefer salad lobster. BUt the baked with cheese & bacon do sounds interesting, mayb i will try that if i got the chance next time. I taken lots of picture of the lobster from diff angles, but space constraint so only can put up two. We had the Australian lobster which was $120 for 1KG

I swear to God, to Allah, Buddha, Monkey God, Zeus, and all the Gods out there, Salad lobster is simple Super-licious. Only one word can describe it, Heavenly. What Budda jump over the wall, Shark Fin, Abalone, give me a lobster anyday. The salad lobster had lots of fruits, the thick salad cream and mixed fruit plus the lobster meat, makes it irresistable man! The shell’s meat was all taken out to do with the salad cream, but hey, the lobster head still had lots of meat there, especially the two lobster horn? whatever u called that. Haha. Simple the best, don’t need to think. Full marks, woo hoo, i believe this is the first time ladyironchef has seen full marks in a restaurant dish (bakwa not included). 5 out of 5


 Next up, of course we can’t miss the Singapore famous black pepper crab! Its Sri-Lanka king crab they called it. Btw, sorry for the poor photos, my photography skills are not up the mark yet. Anyway, back to the crab, we had two 1.2KG crab, at first i propose to have one in pepper and one in chili, but then my neighbour had it before and find that chili is not as nice as pepper crab. So both crabs in pepper. Hmm, i am actually not so much of a crab-eater, first thing is don’t really fancy the meat, and second is i lazy to slowly open the shell la. lol. Anyway, my family are lovers of the crab, so their comment is that the black pepper crab not bad la, but there are better one out there, that is No Signboard Restaurant! The crabs at Jumbo the meat are not ‘hard’ enough, and very small, eat already not shiok”. 3.5 out of 5 i guess


Next on the list, Mee Goreng! Jumbo is famous for their Mee Goreng i think, its very nice i assure you. Must try if go Jumbo, but at $8 for small serving, its a tad too expensive. Pity the price, if not it will be perfect score. 4.5 out of 5


Crispy Baby Squid. Crispy it is, and a little over burned. I am still feeling thirsty now that i reached home after eating it.  Not my cup of squid, at $8 its not really worth your while unless you are a fan of fried squids, i rather spend the $8 on another plate of Mee Goreng. 1.5 out of 5

Thats all folks, i will come to the price now because its a bit complicated. Our lobster which flown specially from Australia for us to savour cost $96, i estimate it to be around 800g, but because we got a special coupon, we got 50% off! Horray! It only cost us $48 for one Lobster, cheap yep? The crab is $33 per Kg, We had two, and it comes up to about $75.90. And the crispy baby squid and Mee Goreng like i say earlier is $8 per plate. So our total bill adds up to $192.10 before discount. We had the 50% for lobster, and another 10% off because we had the Jumbo rewards card, courtesy by lending from my neighbour. Mental note, always have the card when you go to Jumbo.

The service, eh is a case of over-enthusiastic against a group of slow diners who want to finish every scrap of food on the plate. I have totally nothing against their service, the waitress keep on changing plates for us, this is good because the crab have lots of shell. But when we haven really finish our lobster and mee goreng, they already want to clear the plates as well. Hello? we want value for money, every scrap of food is important to us. LOL. Besides that i don’t really have or can complaints because they do not have service charge. Except for the calling in of reservation.

All in all, Jumbo is not bad la, its a famous seafood restaurant in Singapore with so many branches. However, we still unanimously agree that No Sign Board Restaurant is a tad higher level than Jumbo for its crab, no complaints about the lobster. I heard the East Coast headquarter produce the best food among its outlets, but we had to go to indoor stadium because the 50% coupon for lobster is not able to use in East coast branch. You can’t get the best of both worlds i guess.

#01-05, Singapore Indoor Stadium
2 Stadium Walk, 397691
Tel: 64403435  Fax: 64400660  

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