Waraku Japanese Restaurant


 Waraku Japanese casual pasta & cafe restaurant at Central. With with my good cousin there for dinner today. First impression the restaurant was quite nicely decorated, the staff was enthu, mayb too-enthu for my delight. They will say welcome loudly to everyone who came. And sometimes out of nothing they will shout some jap greetings. I mean it is good to be polite, but isn’t this a little over? Besides, it is all right to say greetings in jap but at least yr jap have to sound nice? Some waitress jap does not sound too good to the ear. Think the management should ask diners comments on this


Donald had the Kaminabe Wazen ($19.80), kaminabe sounds like some foul word? haha. Anyway, it has sliced beef & vegetables cook with soup in paper pot, fresh salmon sashimi, and deepfried assortment of vege and prawn, rice. The sliced beef and vege in spicy soup, the soup is refreshing to drink, donald (beef lover) say the beef is very nice, so it must be nice. Quite special to put it in paper pot.


Fried Prawn and vege, looks and taste nice. Onli one miserable prawn, should have give more. lol! Overall this dish i would give it 4 out of 5


I had the TonkatsuWazen ($15.50) which is pork cutlet set meal i guess. It has pork cutlet (obviously), salad, rice, pickles seaweed with soup noodles. The main character, pork cutlet, cripsy is the word to describe. At some places after eating pork cutlet you will feel the after-effect of being thirsty and stuff like that, but this one wont. The cutlet is also fried jus nice, not too bland and not too salty. Plus my fav healthy servings of vege to go along with it. The seaweed with soup noodles, one big bowl of it, two person to finish it, Noodles taste all right. Tonkatsu set (pork cutlet) gets 3.5 out of 5 because i prefer donald set. As simple as that

Overall the whole restaurant feel, donald say is 3.5, but i think i would give it 4 out of 5, pretty decent price and the food is not too bad, jus that i think the management should improve on the restaurant service, too much shouting around is not music to my ears while i am having my dinner. I had a coupon from them after paying the bill, its gives quite a good discount, BUT, the big but, it is onli limited to 1 coupon per table per bill basis. That means i can use coupon but my friend cant? O well, in any basis, i would be going back to Waraku for dinner again because its near to my workplace.

6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#03-89/97/98 The Central @ Clarke Quay
Singapore 059817

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4 Responses to “Waraku Japanese Restaurant”

  1. 1 carlosmamalei

    AI sei.. go waraku eat sia… haha.. not bad right the food. but abit exp. anyway jap food quite exp one lol..

  2. 2 ladyironchef

    haha. i ask u wanna go there for tonight wad. But someone “put me aeroplane” lol not bad not bad. u been there how many times liao? ex ar, ok la, compared to japanese dining sun waraku very cheap liao. lol

  3. 3 carlosmamalei

    a.. not i want to put de hor.. we 2 gay meh? u don want also right lol.. i can eat with u alone one if u want.

  4. 4 ladyironchef

    lol. kidding la. haha. 3 also gay wad? lol

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