Greenwood Fish Market & Bistro



The intimate Bistro welcomes you with its fresh flowers on tables, blue and gold decor and open kitchen. Dark wood furnishings, subtle lighting and a candlelight option create a romantic and warm feel. Great seafood platters are a highlight, suitable for appetizers or main courses, individually or shared.

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Went with Mister Ang and Mister Ong to Greenwood, its behind NJC, rather hard to go if you do not drive. Luckily for us, Mister Ang got car, haha so we are able to go. When the car turned into Hillcrest park leading to greenwood avenue, we were quite surprise the rather remote place has a whole street of restaurants, western, jap, pizza, u name it they have it.

The external part of the restaurant does not really have the appeal, like the name implies, Greenwood fish market. It is literally a fish market where u can buy their fish, prawn, oyster. But the interior part is diff (see picture) the lights are dim jus nice and its rather small, so make your reservations before going.

Greenwood is quite famous for their fish & chips, many types of diff fish like snapper, sole filet, salmon, barramundi, tusk fish, yellow fin tuna, nz pink snapper and so on. They also had diff style of cooking the fish like pan-seared, baked, steamed, char-chilled, battered or crumbed. Cool huh? haha. So we had quite a dilemma in choosing what fish we wanted.  


Battered snapper($19.95) based on recommendation from the enthu staff. Had a hard time to understand the differences between battered and crumbed. Anyway, battered snapper is good and crispy, but have to finish it fast because its not so nice when it get cold unlike the crumbed sole filet. Both fish & chips come with a healthy side serving of chips and vegies. The chips are good, but the vegies are even better. We have no idea what they do to the vegies, but it’s really good and you want to have more. Service rating


Next up is crumbed sole filet ($19.95) also on recommendation. By the way, although both chips are diff fish, but i can’t really tell the diff. lol. From what the staff say, you can tell crumbed from battered because crumbed is fried with bread crumb flour. O well, its quite good also, the sides are similar with good chips and vegies. But i think snapper is a tiny bit better than the sole filet. Service rating


Pasta spag soft shell crab with chili crab sauce ($19.95), unlike the pasta at pastamania, The one here is really pasta. Haha. Soft crab is nice, but too small ! O well. Service rating

Overall good place for fresh fish and seafood, highly recommended just that it is hard to access if you are not driving. Total bill add up to $69.80 inclusive of the service charge 10% and GST 5% for 3 people. Well, its a really good evening having dinner with mister and and mister ong, when you have good friends together dining, any food taste great. I would say Greenwood’s fish would definitely not lose out to Fish & Co or Manhattan Fish Market

We did not have any desserts there because we had already decided to head to Island Creamery for ice cream ! Check here for a review on Ema’s Diner, also located at Greenwood Avenue

Hillcrest Park
34 Greenwood Avenuenue, 289236
Tel: 64674950  Fax: 64674965  

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3 Responses to “Greenwood Fish Market & Bistro”

  1. 1 kopisiewtai

    you may wanna try out a joint located at east coast park (b’side macdonalds), restaurant by the name of Zen – Shindo Art. Tempura fish & chips for $8bucks, Seafood Pasta for $14.80 or something…. and they serves up to 68 items on the menu ranging from jap, euro, thai, chinese and also local dishes like mee sua. Desserts, try the red wine ice cream or mushroom ice cream, it’s their homemade and only place in spore that is serving it. tiramisu is really good and melts in the mouth. LIVE OYSTERS??? @ only $1/pc DAILY! Not juz on tue. So lets swop, I will check it our GFM with all my hungry ghost kakis, while you & your pals head down to Zen…..

  2. 2 foodieeeeeeeeeee

    you can try threadfin too cos its super nice!! i ate at greenwood a few times alr and it really blew me off time after time! the sauce changes every time we went there, but the best so far is the beetroot sauce! (: try the other ways of coooking, such as char grilled and pan seared cos they are more special (: the chef sure knows his way w fishes! we alws ask for recommended wya of cooking after choosing the fish.. super duper niceeeee! every tues at greenwood is oyster day, where one oyster goes for 1 buck! haha yeah!

  3. 3 ladyironchef

    Hello foodie,

    i have shift to my new domain, please read about my reply here


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