Island Creamery



Long heard of this famous ice-cream shop but did not have a chance to patronise it. Today Mister Ang driving so finally had the chance to go there. So after finishing our dinner at Greenwood, we head straight to serene centre which was nearby. When we reached the place it was full house, so we waited a while for our seats. Single scoop comes at $2.50 each, while double scoop is $4.00. There is also the 500ml tub at $8.00

The 3 of us ordered double scoop each and share, so each of us can taste 6 flavours instead of 2. Smart right? There are other flavours like black sesame, soursop, and some others which i can’t remember. But we dun have the courage to try them, so we ordered the more popular ones.

One by one, the top two is teh tareh (coffee) and nutella, bottom left is burn cameral and the popular cookies & cream, bottom right is reversO (chocolate) and ho. We judge the popularity by seeing which one finish first. Make a guess? Cookies & cream and nutella tied for first, followed by cameral, horlick, coffee and reverO (chocolate). My personal fav is nutella, never tried before. The reversO was too strong in flavour, as in after eating it when we eat the other flavours we cant taste anything. So we leave that for the last. lol

All in all, Island creamery is quite valued for money, there is a similar ice-cream shop called Daily scoop at sunset way which offers double scoop for $5, or Haato @ Ridgewood Close double scoop for $4.50 Head there when u have a chance. Service rating

1F, Serene Centre
10 Jalan Serene, 258748
Tel: 64688859  

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2 Responses to “Island Creamery”

  1. 1 willy

    You should try their coconut flavour ice cream..simply the best on earth. Probably it wasn’t available that day as it is always sold out.

  2. 2 ladyironchef

    hahaha. thanks for leaving comment. Sure, will try the coconut flavour the next time i go : )

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