Sun with Moon (Wheelock)


Ah-ha, finally visited Sun with Moon at wheelock. Ever since i went to Jap Dining Sun, or rather even way before that i wanted to come to Sun with Moon. Modern Decor, Value for money and delicious set lunch, what more do you want? As usual rule no one, i made a reservation in advance, so no need to wait, the waitress promptly brought us to our cosy seat. The seats here are what i called good seats as compared to Jap Dining Sun. The waitress was polite, and also reminded us to watch the small stairs. Went with my dear bro at 12.30, it was close to full house. Menu was not as extensive as Waruku or even Jap Dining Sun, but the set lunch menu are really value for money. More than enough to order.


I had the Chicken Teriyaki & California roll set ($14.80), all the lunch set meal here comes with pickled vege, soup and tea/coffee. Due to space constraint at wordpress (only 50mb!), i will not be showing all the pictures. The chicken teriyaki place on hot plate was simply good


 The california roll is really yummy, not those type you have at Sake sushi. Really nothing to grumble about, mayb more california roll? haha perfect score Service rating


Bro had the Sukiyaki & Tomato salad ($17.50) which was beef, vege, egg in hot pot, something like a mini steamboat. Beef was quite good, but very few piece only. Well, cant really expect them to give so much beef like chicken. Service rating

Overall, nothing to complain about, If you haven been to Sun with Moon, make yr move fast man. I suspect Sun with Moon will become my fav restaurant soon, and i will be visiting them a few times one month at least. lol. Anyway, after paying the bill which comes to $37.65 for two person, they gave me dining coupons for their newly open branch at Central. 15% off food, and 2 free drinks which can be beer, house red/white wine, or soft drink. Confirm guarantee plus chop will use it to try the food at Central soon. I highly recommend you to go to Sun with Moon for its value for money set lunch, mayb not so often for dinner (no set meals more ex), and i think Sun with Moon is better than its sister restaurant Japanese Dining Sun. So Sun with Moon Central anyone? Haha

Service rating

#03-15, Wheelock Place
501 Orchard Road, 238880
Tel: 67336636  

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