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Dear readers,  Ladyironchef is off to China tonight for a week, flight’s at 2am. Gosh, have to wait until so late den can board the plane. Flight is about 5 hours to Shanghai i think, so most likely will reach there at 7am. Stay tune for blow-by-bit on the good food and scenaries in China yea? […]

After dinner at Aston Specialists, we went to Ji De Chi at Liang Seah for desserts. It was full when we got there, so we waited a while before getting our seats. Cheapest dessert range from $2 to the more expensive ones at $4. Don’t belittle the small bowl of dessert, it makes big money […]

People always thought that the best meals are having good food accompanied with good wines. But i came to realise its not just that, the most important ingredient for the perfect meal is simply having good company. Food in the company of good friends can be good food, regardless how cheap or expensive it is. […]

Introducing.. the New Cripsy Thin Pizza Delight Meal! $25 for 2-3 pax, choice of 2 soups of the day or salads, 1 regular Cripsy Thin Pizza with choice of 7 toppings selection), choice of 2 beverages (iced lemon tea or peach tea/soft drink) Tay and me tried the Cripsy thin pizza from Pizza Hut because we […]

Went back to Spoon for lunch, Mingyou treat! Cheers! We went to Red star (yes, last fri just went, but last fri we pay ourselves, today free). Anyway, i got bring along my ixus, so below are the pictures (not very clear due to Red Star poor lighting, or mayb my camera skills not up […]