The French Stall


Today is the worst food-adventure i had so far. And its not because of the food. The food is excellent, price reasonable, service acceptable. Its because i bloody forgot to bring my canon ixus on a day where i arrange to have dinner. So thats the explaination for the lack of pictures in this post. Thats not it, i tried to use my chocolate phone to take picture (it has 2.0 megapixel), but when i reach home, i found that the pictures that i took was gone, or rather its not there. O well. Pls bear with my description and the lack of pictures.

I assure you, The French Stall serves good food, pls kindly ignore the unpleasant experience above. Went with cousin to try some authentic french food. Its a 5 min walk from Farrer Park mrt station. Located just by the main road, no air-con people, so its not your normal posh restaurant where you have to wear formal clothes there, t-shirt and jeans will do. Although its a weekday, but after 7pm, the restaurant was almost full, and they do not have my rule number one, no reservations, so you just have to reach there early i guess.

We took a while before deciding what to eat. There is the set meal going at $14.80, with a starter, Main course, and dessert. But for this set meal, there is only three types of main course available, dory filet, chicken leg, and pork chop. Not fancy by neither three main course, we decided not to order this set meal.

We had the exec steak set meal ($22.80) which comes with a starter soup, Steak as Main course, and Dark chocolate cake as dessert. Ok, for the steak, done medium raw with potato as side. Steak was quite good, i do not eat beef often, so according to my cousin it was quite good, not the best but good enough Service rating

Instead of having the starter soup, we “upgraded” it to Escargots!! Snails if you put it in laid-man terms. Lol. Top up $5 to get half a dozen snails, it cost $8 if you order it as a starter. Hmm.. Escargots was special? Since we never had it before, nothing to compare against, but having tried it for the first time, its quite good, i mean not snail-like as you think. It was cook with garlic, so the garlic cover any snail-smell there is. Not bad, if you never tried before, do try Service rating

The other main course we had was Pork cordon bleu loin ($12.80). The tender meat had mushroom sauce spray on it and with cheese & ham inside the pork, the bite was simply delicious. Must have been one of the best pork cordon bleu i ever had. Also come with side dish of potato. At just $12.80, its really a steal, but they do not have this in their set meal which was a pity. I feel this is a must-try dish at The French Stall Service rating 

Total bill comes up to $47.30 for two person. There’s the service charge, gst, and cess to factor in. The lady boss was quite friendly, had a talk with her while paying the bill. And she told me that they are hiring waiter/waitress. So if anyone out there want a job, this is the job for you to taste french food everyday. Overall, The French Stall is a good place to go, simply for the fact that there isn’t that many french restaurants around at a decent price. Food is good, price is reasonable, so what are you waiting for?

Service rating

544 Serangoon Road, 218166
Tel: 62993544  

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