Fisherman’s Wharf


The time: 7pm. The diners: Me, Wee hong, Hong yi & friends. The place: Fisherman’s Wharf. The food: Fish & Chips

Well well, i had great expectations for Fisherman’s wharf, having heard rave reviews on its fish & chips, we were left slightly disappointed when we left the place. Fisherman wharf is directly opposite the new Central Mall. From Central u can see the signboard of fisherman wharf because the current construction of the overhead bridge is blocking the view of the restaurant. The place do not have air-con, its free seating and pls self-service by going to the counter to order.

The thing with fisherman wharf is that all the fish are priced at different price, but most of them looks the same. Try comparing all the fish we ordered and see whether you can spot which is which. All the fish comes with generous servings of chips or fries, but i would prefer for some salad, vege or coleslaw. On a note, 2 of us had fries, while the other 3 had chips. In the end, only 2 of us enjoy the side dish, so you know what to order huh? ( : 


Silver Cod Fillet ( $14.00) with fries.


North. Atlantic Cod Loin ($16.00) with fries. Its the most ex fish at Fisherman Wharf, but the tastes and the looks quite similar to silver cod fillet.


Garoupa Fillet ($12.50) with chips.


Snow Fish ($15.00) with chips. Comment was not very nice, try something else.


Lemon Sole Fillet ($14.00) with chips. Very similar to silver cod fillet and north atlantic cod, but the taste is a bit different. The fish crumbed very easily, making it difficult to eat.

I am not lying right? All the fishes look about the same, with the generous helping of chips, fries ana tartar sauce. Seriously if they didn’t tell us which is which, we wont know the fishes. I read that someone compared Greenwood Bistro to Fisherman Wharf, in my personal opinion, there is totally no way to compare. Greenwood bistro fish albeit being more expensive at the range of $17 to $20+, but it offers a lot more different quality fish, different style of cooking the fish, and a healthy servings of chips and vege. Furthermore, the ambience at Greenwood and Fisherman Wharf is different. Greenwood is a restaurant, while Fisherman’s is more like Long John Silver – fast food outlet. Mayb its because my expectation is too high before i went, therefore i am more disapointed.

But our conclusion is, go for the set lunch at $9.50 which comes with fish & chips, and drink. If not, for dinner just order the normal cream dory fillet at $6.50. No offend to any Fisherman’s Wharf lovers out there, this is just my personal opinion.

Service rating

27 New Bridge Road
Singapore 059391

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2 Responses to “Fisherman’s Wharf”

  1. 1 charmaine

    i was wondering if you had any reviews on sun with moon at central cos i heard the sashimi there was not bad being a sashimi enthusiast. feel free to reply to my email address.

    Foodie truly,

  2. 2 ladyironchef

    Yes i do. hahaha. but then i didn’t try their sashima over there : (

    Eh, your email address is not there, hope you come back and see this : )

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