Phin’s Steakhouse


Phin’s steakhouse isn’t the usual steakhouse you will expect with classy environment, expensive decor, pretty plates. Situated at Liang Seah place (behind Bugis Parco Junction), its on a street with small eatery and restaurants around. The place itself does not have air-con, decor are average, but they serve good steaks at good price.

Steaks in the hand of less-skillful chefs will turn out to be catastrophe, but not at Phin’s. Although i am not a great fan of red meat, but Phin’s steak won me over. The irresistable succulent nz air flown steaks are serve on signature hot plate with baked potato and seasonal vegetables.

Diners can choose from Sirlon, Ribeye, Tenderloin, with different sizes like ladies cut, gentlemen cut, humongous cut (with ladies cut cheapest & humongous cut most expensive). In addition, the choice of sauces on the steak is also accord to each delight, with the usual sauce like pepper, mushroom, to some unique sauce like garlic, sambal, honey mustard, and wild mushroom.

Although Phin’s a steakhouse, but it also offer other western food like chicken fillet, fish & chips, lamb, seafood. There is the combo set for 2 person, i saw a particular set which interest me, there is a combo of chicken, fish, lamb and steak serving for two. But maz and i decided on ordering two sirlon steak (gentlemen cut) at $14.90 each. Not feeling too adventurous, i had the safe yet good pepper sauce, while maz tried the wild mushroom.


For starters. we had Escargot baked in cheese and wine ($9.90), coming in servings of half a dozen. There is another escargot with garlic ($7.90), but we decided to try the more expensive one. Hmm.. this is the second time i had escargot and the feeling is exactly as the first time. Not very snail-like, rather it taste quite like the shell-type food? O well


Sirlon steak with pepper sauce (medium raw). The steak was good, meat was succulent and tender. It came with healthy servings of sides like vege, corn and a whole potato. Boy o boy, just eating the potato makes me full ( :


Sirlon steak with wild mushroom sauce (medium raw). N’uff say, only difference was the sauce, quality is the same. The wild mushroom sauce is quite unique as we didn’t expect it to be in this colour. Service rating

Maz had new zealand natural mango ice-cream ($2.90) for desserts, i was too full so i skipped desserts. By and large, Phin’s is a good place for good and affordable steak. Well, being a steakhouse, its steak can’t be that bad right? Not too sure about the other dishes beside steak, but i saw the other diners having the combo and it looks good. Service-wise i suppose it is quite good, the waitress are friendly and re-filled our iced water very fast. I always felt that Bugis junction does not have much to eat, now knowing Liang Seah place is just behind, rest assured the next time you go Bugis. Total bill comes up to $49.20 for two person.

Service rating

#01-15/16, Liang Seah Place
1 Liang Seah Street, 189022
Tel: 63334396  

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