Miss Clarity Cafe


Miss Clarity Cafe at Purvis Street is unlike your normal restaurant, in fact it looks more like a children restaurant. The decorations and even the menu are so kiddy, but the food is not that at all. Good food at reasonable price sums it all. The diners are Mister Ang, Mister ong and me. Earlier in the afternoon i had tried to make a reservation but they say that all are booked, and walk-ins are left. Because they keep half of the place for reservation and half for walk-in. Anyway, when we reach it was close to full house, but we did manage to get our seats immediately.

All of us choose a main and add on $3 for an additional salad/soup, drink (barley/lime), and a dessert of the day. The starter salad was quite good it starts our meal up, but the salad dressing was a tad too little


Chicken Cordon Bleu ($8.80) – deep fried breaded chicken breast stuffed with ham & cheese, served with tartar sauce and potato/vege as side dish. The cordon bleu was not as good as the one i had at the french stall few weeks ago, i think the main reason is because the french stall use chicken drumstick while this one is chicken breast. Nevertheless, it is quite good, just that i had a better one at french stall before Service rating


Chicken Bollorine ($8.80) – oven baked chicken thigh stuffed with fresh mushroom, drenched with mushroom sauce. Thigh was done quite nicely, the comment was the mushroom stuffed inside the chicken was too much! Mister ong gets a bit sick of eating so many mushroom. lol! Service rating


Black Pepper Crispy Chicken ($7.50) – breaded chicken thigh cooked till golden brown & drenched with clarity’s special black pepper sauce. The chicken was quite crispy, but because it is drenched with the pepper sauce, after a while the crispy skin becomes soaky. Guess it will be better if they can put the sauce by the side, or you just have to finish it fast.
Service rating

Desserts of the day – crepes with cream, but seems to be more like popiah with cream ( :

Total bills add up to $34.10 for 3 person, no GST charged, no service charge. All the dishes get 3.5 and none above 4 because i feel that there is nothing spectacular. But i will definitely go back again if i am in the area. Why? For a simple meal at affordable prices, you can’t eat very good food everyday u know? Sometimes just keep it simple. At clarity, they do it simple and good.

Check out my second visit here

Service rating

5 Purvis Street, 188584
Tel: 63394803  

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Hog’s Breath Cafe


After dinner, we went to Chijmes to watch FA Cup final between Manchester United and Chelsea. Wanted to go to the fountain area, but they need spending of $40 per person. So we end up at Hog’s breath cos there is no minimum spending needed. We ordered two glass of ice lemon tea and coke at $5.80 each, they are fillable which means we can have as many glass as we want. We also ordered Finger food combo (buffalo wings, fried chicken, baked potato skin) because we can’t just sit there whole night only order two glass of drinks? ( :

The spicy-sweet sauce and the tartar sauce is good, the combo cost $17.95. Total bill for watching the boring FA Cup is $34.45 for 3 person. Had a quick glance at Hog’s menu, most of the food price range is in the high $10s to $20s. There is a dessert called mud pie which seems quite good, and many of the other diners had it, so i guess its quite good.

#01-26/ 27, CHIJMES
30 Victoria Street, 187996
Tel: 63381387  

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3 Responses to “Miss Clarity Cafe”

  1. 1 carlosmamalei

    wa cao.. now more and more pro liao ar… even the rating also gt star already… lololol.. keep it up =)

  2. 2 ladyironchef

    Slowly upgrade and improve ma.. haha. Cool huh? LOL!

  3. 3 carlosmamalei

    ya COOL~~~~~

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