No Signboard Restaurant (Geylang Road)



No Signboard Restaurant, chinese name is Wu Zhao Pai. I used to though it was Pepper-Brand (hu jiao pai) because my mom always pronouce it that way. Haha. Well well, when u think of No Signboard Restaurant (NSB), this is only one thing that straight away comes to your mind. Crabs! Naturally, their restaurant logo already told you that, the logo is a big crab.

Frequent No Signboard many times already, always go there for the crabs. My family prefer the white pepper crab over chilli, although sometimes we will have a combination, half pepper half chilli. What to say? Crabs are their speciality, not much place are their half in doing crabs. Although i am not a crab-lover, but their crab won me over.

Anyway, this is the first time to the Geylang branch, told the taxi driver and he did not know the place. Gosh, can you believe that? I mean its not like NSB is a normal restaurant, in fact its quite renown for their crabs in Singapore. So he took us one whole round before we found the place. Geylang branch is not air-con, by the roads of red-district (you-know-what), yet we went today on tue, its fully crowded. By 7pm every table is full, so prior reservations are recommended


The Must-have at NSB! White-pepper crab, their crabs are really one class above the rest, first bite into the meat of the crab, you can really tell the difference, the meat is firm and hard, not like those normal one u know? One Kg at NSB is $35, ours is abt 1.5kg coming at $50. Definitely better than Jumbo or any other place! Service rating


Lobster! I luuvve lobster! But then the lobster here is not so good, mayb its because its local breed lobster, not air-flown from Australia. Look, i am not a sucker for overseas stuff, but then the overseas lobster really do taste better than local one. Price of cos got difference, the local one is $7 per 100 gram. This lobster is abt 700g, costing abt $49. Hmm.. eat salad lobster two times a bit no feeling already, next time must try other type of lobster. Service rating


Sambal Kangkong ($6), one of the more popular vegetables commonly found in restaurants and zi-char place, the one here i find it a bit too dry, some place cook it too wet and some do it too dry. Service rating


Fried-chicken Wings ($6 for 4). Decent chicken wings, nothing to shout about.


Malay Mee Goreng ($7), Wanted to try this to compare with the one at Jumbo, but this one really lose to Jumbo two hands. Too dried, i prefer Mee Goreng wet wet one, nice! So pls try the one at Jumbo. Also, i wanted to order small $5 one, but i nv say anything and the waitress asume i want the medium one, end up having too much to finish. But still at $7 the serving is a lot bigger than the one at Jumbo although not as nice Service rating

After our meal, they provide everyone with dessert, free! haha. But its just have one logang. No Signboard restaurant definitely is one of the best restaurants in Singapore to have crab, you can’t compare it with those very high end restaurants, but with seafood restaurants and zi-char, i feel its one of the best around. Service wise, the staff at Geylang Branch is quite good, they are friendly, not impatient while waiting for us to make up our mind on ordering, and serves food really really fast. Total bill is $130.73 for 4 person

Service rating 

414 Geylang Road, 389392
Tel: 68423415  

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7 Responses to “No Signboard Restaurant (Geylang Road)”

  1. 1 carlosmamalei

    A.. friend.. got money also nt like tt spend lei.. i see u eat all those good food ar.. i very jealous lei.. can see cannot touch.. can touch cannot eat… ALMARK

  2. 2 ladyironchef

    Haha. Family dinner not i pay one, i where got so much money. Wa lau, i hao xin, at least u cannot eat, see pictures also good rite? lol

    Go eat la, u all every sun go eat zi-char one wad, No Signboard is like zi-char like that also ma : )

  3. 3 carlosmamalei

    is too exp for a zi char man.. LOL

  4. 4 ladyironchef

    haha. ok la. but the crab there is really nice. Mayb one family go den just concentrate on the crabs lor, thats the main focus ma, if just get crab dun get lobster or fish den not so ex.

  5. 5 Aftiel

    wah u wrote an entire post dedicated to spoon. damn touched ah.. EMO sia! hur hur…

  6. 6 ladyironchef

    LOL! this is called expression of feelings, not eMo! haha
    Anyway who dun have emotions? you not human ar? : )

  7. what a great site and informative posts, I will add a backlink and bookmark your site. Keep up the good work!

    I’m Out! 🙂

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