Ah Koong Restaurant



The famous Ah Koong fishball in Johor, Malaysia. I believed many people from Singapore knows about this store as i always see Singaporeans there, and no doubt their recent debut branch at VivoCity has raised their profile in Singapore. Well, i started eating at Ah Koong a few years back, and since then whenever i go to Johor, it has become one of the must-eat for me. Not a lover of fishballs (i prefer Won-ton mee), but when it comes to Ah Koong fishball noodles, i like! Anyway, for simplicity sake, i will be putting all the dishes in Ringgit (RM), just divided the sum by 2.2 to convert to Sin dollars.


Fried Fish-cake (3.50RM)! No doubt the star of the show, this is Ah Koong speciality and has attracted many people from all over the land to go to Ah Koong just to try this. Die die also must try! Service rating


I always have noodle soup when i go to Ah Koong, don’t really fancy the dry-version. The soup is good, i guess theres MSG to make it so tasty, but no harms done having some MSG once in a while ya? One bowl of noodles cost 4.50RM (it used to be 3RM when it just started), anyway 4.50RM is still cheap if you convert to Sin dollars, four fishballs, one meat ball and slices of fishcake. I can easily have two to three bowls of noodle at one go. Good! Service rating


The same thing as above just that its bee-hoon. I gave it a lower rating cos i just prefer noodles to bee-hoon, but still the bee-hoon is good. Service rating

Fried Hu-Kee (those Yong tao fu one) 3 for 1RM

Hmm.. Ah Koong has a few branches now, but their best is still at their headquarter. When it started a few years back, the noodles was just as nice as it is now. But they have reinnovated and came up with many new menu. Cripsy fried prawn cake, fish porridge, abalone noodles and some other stuff. But seriously, their fishcake and fishball noodles are still the best according to me, ignore all the other new items and just try their fishcake and fishball noodles. By the way, don’t go to the Singapore branch at Vivocity, that place is a rip-off man. One bowl of noodles selling at $4.50 i think, and one fishcake cost $2 or 3. Sin dollars yes! Just go over the bridge to enjoy the same menu but better and cheaper twice! Total bill for two person is 21.84RM

Service rating

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