Dear readers, 

Ladyironchef is off to China tonight for a week, flight’s at 2am. Gosh, have to wait until so late den can board the plane. Flight is about 5 hours to Shanghai i think, so most likely will reach there at 7am. Stay tune for blow-by-bit on the good food and scenaries in China yea? Oh ya, the cities i am going to; Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Wuxi. Will be back on June 4th, 3pm

Please leave some comment, any comment (if there is anyone reading at all), praise or criticism is fine really. Just something for me to know the blog is still alive! ( :



8 Responses to “China”

  1. 1 sp*

    haa.. dont worry, i’m reading it. ((:
    5hrs more. enjoy urself at china!

  2. 2 yixuan

    enjoy yourself in china! rem to bring some ”tu can” back for us wor… hehe.. Take CarE!!! (: (:

  3. 3 carlosmamalei

    yea me too…

  4. 4 hy

    have fun!

  5. 5 (00")

    yea, hope that is a great trip.
    happy bday!

    ~ Coz 30/05/07

  6. 6 lauw

    you din pass me the photo!!!!

  7. 7 carlosmamalei

    come to help u clean clean ur blog =)

  8. 8 ladyironchef

    I am back everybody!

    Thanks for all the comments, my loyal readers. lol

    I really enjoyed myself during this trip, everything seems like a dream, but now back to the real life. o well

    To yx: i got buy the local food product back, next time pass u all some.

    To cousin: thanks!

    To sherman: sorry i forgot, i can pass it to you anytime you wan.

    To carlosmanmalei: thanks ah, so good help me clean clean blog. haha

    A full details of the trip will be out shortly, but too much things to say, and too much things i need to do before free to post on it. Stay tune!

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