China Wuxi-Shanghai Part 5


1st June 2007

Another rainy day! Worse still, our first destination is The Three-Kingdom Movie & Tv city (lots of beautiful scenaries from the Three-kingdom show), but due to raining we miss quite a lot of places. Facts about the place, the city is so named as CCTV’s TV serial of ‘A Romance of Three kingdom’was filmed there, the place was especially built just to film the show.

We took the tram as it was raining, okay and also partly cos we are lazy to walk (one half hours to walk around). And obviously taking the tram ride instead of walking require you to buy a ticket, which means money! We went to Liu Bei place first, this place was the scene where Sun Quan on the advice of Zhou Yu, let his sister married to Liu Bei in the hope of capturing him. And of cos, Zhu Ge Liang with his brillient strategy saved the day.

Moving on to Cao Cao navy base, this is the place where they film the famous battle of Chi Bi where Liu Bei & Sun Quan together defeated the huge army of Cao Cao, courtsey of Zhu Ge Liang again! 

These are the two main place we went to, not much right? I think the place very big one, just that they only show certain parts to us. Anyway, after the navy base, we rush back to the entrance to catch a show. The show is about Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei battling with some enemy (don’t know how because we arrive late). It was raining, then the place was very muddy, yet the actors ride on real horses galloping on the muddy ground. Very nice show but it lasted only 15 mins.

We proceed on to the Pearl factory where they sell pearls of course. Wuxi is famous for pearls rear in Taihu. Spent one hour there walking around waiting for people who are interested in buying pearls. Meanwhile the staff there trying to psycho the ladies that the pearl very good and worth to buy : )

Had lunch finally after the long wait, the lunch was quite good, but my mood was spoilt by the waitress. She mishandle the bowl and poured the hot steamy soup on my hand and clothes. Talk about being unlucky. Tsk Tsk

After lunch, we went to China Pottery Factory where they made the famous Wuxi’s Zisha Clay teapot. Wuxi is well known as “Pottery city” of which many of the fine ones have become collectors’ items. The master there gave us a performance of the different teapots. Some teapot has a build-in “brake”, pressing the top of the teapot, can brake the water from flowing. Then there is another which can float on the water one, don’t believe you go try yr home teapot see which one can float on water. Anyway, the teapot does not come cheaply. One thing about China is that before we reach the place, on the bus the tour guide will tell us this is Govt factory, one price no bargain. But in so many places we been to, it is usually better to buy last. Why? For example, some of the groups buy first, no discount one price. Den another group hesistate to buy, want to discount but they don’t allow, den he don’t walk and walk away, but once he walk away, the staff ask him back, buy one get one free! Duh rite? Pity those who buy first. O Well

Heading back to Shanghai after a 5 days trip touring around JiangNan. Actually our route is going one round around Taihu (1,500km total). That shows you how big Taihu is (size 4 of Singapore). People is very funny one, on the first few days everyone not very familar with each other, so all of us just keep to our group. But we slowly warms up to everyone and become good friends. But by this time, it is more than half the tour alr, and soon we will be leaving for home. Anyway, it was fun knowing Liwen & her aunt Yu Qun, they are such fun people. The journey tour really get alive after knowing them. If only we can know each other earlier!

The journey back to Shanghai is about 2 half hours, but we had lots of fun on the way back. Everyone is very friendly, we sing songs from 当我们在一起, to happy birthday song (for me), oldies song and to children song! So so fun! Even the tour guide 高歌两曲 for us. I will never forget the scene…

Reaching back to Shanghai, we went to Madam Tussanuds’ Wax Museum. Inside there are a lot wax figures of popular people, from the likes of Jacky Chan, Andy Lau, Tom Cruise, Aaron Kwok, Jolin Tsai, Twins, Teresa Teng, Princess Diana, Bill Clinton, Michael Jordon, Yao Ming, Ronaldo, David Beckham & Victoria Beckham, to my fav Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie !   

After a walk in the museum, we were given one hour to go Nanjing Road (somewhat similar to our Orchard Road), the whole stretch of road with shopping centres on the two sides of it, the road is called 南京步行街, no cars allowed only predestrian! But the time was too short for us to actually shop, so we just walked around see see. But we did come back again the next day, so catch it during the next post! 

We carry out to have our dinner on the 蹄龙 boat, pretty isn’t it? The special dish is Xiaolongbao since we are back in Shanghai, but this meal was quite fast cos we need to rush to our next stop, cruise along the Huangpu River to see the night view of Shanghai

I tell you, the night view of Shanghai is one of the best around. Simply Stunning is the word to use! N’uff said, let the pictures show you everything!!

But pity the night we went there as the day was rainy, the sky was very cloudy and misty. So the view was slightly not as nice as it would be on a clear night

The night view of Shanghai is one of the best scenaries we seen in our trip, and it so happen that Liwen and Veron cameras run out of battery. So everyone ask me to help them take picture. Busy busy : ) Oriental Pearl Tv Tower! The famous 东方明珠塔! The third highest building in Asia i think, really pity la, the sky so misty, when we went up we see nothing!! The top level all covered with clouds, cannot see even a building. Sigh! But still, go up quite fun. Leave a regret, so that we will go back to Shanghai next time! haha

After the visit to MingZhu Ta, we went back to our hotel, by everything finish it was very late already, we reach hotel at about 11 plus. But as the next day not much attractions left, so the morning call is later. Shanghai the big city of China, is in a different league with other cities like Suzhou. Tomorrow, we will visit the remaining attractions and go shopping!!

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