China Shanghai Part 7


3rd June 2007

Today is free-and-easy, no more attractions to view, so we sleep until the sun is at our buttock, 830am. wahaha! Our family 4 person just nice take one 出租车 (taxi la!). Liwen, Li wen mom, yu qun and li qi also just nice one cab. Yixing family got five person, but somehow they manage to convince the taxi-driver to let them squeeze into one cab. Taking three cabs, we all meet at Qi Pu Road (not n’uff shopping time yest). But today we went to a different shopping centre, boy o boy it was a correct decision. Yest that shopping centre girls clothe outnumber guys clothe 9 to 1 (ratio of shops), today this centre has a more balanced mix (6 to 4?) Yea!

Walking around for a while, i found myself in a shop, brought a jean, t-shirt, three ties (mister ang & ong u-know-what)! The stuff all very cheap, but after exhausting myself in this shop, not much energy to continue in the other shops. Partly cos the area too many shops, just one level alone i think close to 100 shops or more? Yea, thats the magnitude of the place. And there is four levels! And this is just one of the many clothes distribution centre at Qi Pu road. Saw some people pushing a large trolley carrying a lot clothes, those are the people who buy in bulk and go elsewhere to sell one.

Took a break at KFC, by the way the fast food in China is really cheap (compared to Singapore), one MacDonald set meal cost about 18RMB which is like SGD$3.6? KFC also cheap! Thats why during the 8 days tour, we had a few fast food meal after our dinner (cos not full or not nice). In addition, a tip taught by our guide, as you all know nowadays China has a lot of counterfeit currencies flowing around, and it so happen that all of us have big notes 100RMB, so to buy stuff not very convenient you know (拿那么多钱出来,引狼入室!) So he told us to go KFC MacDonald to buy ice-cream using our big notes to get small change back. Smart huh? Cos KFC & McDonald very safe, and many outlets around.

Back to the topic, we shop for about 3-4 hours at Qi Pu road, then we gather outside and walk together to Nan Jing Road (the place like Orchard road where we went on day 5) The walk from Qi Pu road to Nan Jing road was about 20mins? Cos we don’t know the way well slowly walk. When we reach Nan Jing road, everyone was tired and hungry, so we anyhow went into one restaurant, but turns out the food don’t look nice, so 9 of us sit down at a big table, and order 2 bowl of noodles! LOL. The waitress tot they caught a big fish, but turns out we are ikan-bilies : )

After that, Li wen & Yi xing mom send the rest back to hotel to rest, leaving my family, li wen & yu qun. So we shop around the local product shop, buying the local food product. Then Li wen mom & Yixing parents came back to join us. We went to have pizza hut (pizza hut also very cheap), after which we wanted to make our way to 城隍庙 (the place where we went the first day), but bro and Yixing parents don’t want to go, so i follow Li Wen, her mom, and Yu Qun, four of us proceed on.

We wanted to take a cab, but the driver don’t want to fetch us, he say 转个弯十分钟就到了. At first we thought China drivers are so honest, don’t want to earn money, but you-know-what? This 转个弯, we walk for 40 mins den reach. So next time if you go China, remember 转个弯 means very far!! Anyway, we took it like holiday slowly stroll (except liwen who grumble and grumble), and also took some photos on the way there. The above is taken at the outside of Westin Big hotel, the hotel is renowned for having a lotus leaf (feng shui) on top of the building.    

Finally we reach 城隍庙 after 40mins of walking. Didn’t show the pictures of the building on the first day, so here it is. 城隍庙 building all are very 古色古香. We walked around looking at the things that we missed before, den went to have La Mien. The La Mien all very big bowl, and the price is not expensive also.

Hmm.. after finishing the noodles, we went to the small shops and browse around, and walked until about 8+. After which, we took a cab back, while on the way back we passed by Ming Zhu Ta and contemplated going up because the night sky was clear, but decided against it as they were too tired. O well, leave a regret so that we will go back to Shanghai again : )

Basically thats the end of day 7, shopping eat shopping eat! Good life isn’t it? If only everyday is like that.. Actually after been to Shanghai once, i am quite confident to say that next time if want to go again, just book air-ticket fly there free-and-easy no problem! haha! but then again, China changes very fast, over a few years it had developed and changed rapidly, so who knows what will happen in a few years. The next post will mark the last day where we fly back to Singapore, and also my conclusion for the trip.

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3 Responses to “China Shanghai Part 7”

  1. 1 hy

    it’s me!
    LOL! the shopping area is really enormous/gigantic etc etc sia…
    dun say walk, i believe see only also tired liao. am i right?
    nice ramen pics to sum up part 6 haha!
    the ramen looks most appealing man..

  2. 2 hy

    sry! typo! part 7!

  3. 3 ladyironchef

    haha smart ar u? yea super gigantic!! see the clothes until my eyes see stars liao. lol. walk one level super tired, needless to say explore all 4 levels, and all this is in one shopping centre onli. There are a lot similar type in the whole street. haha

    Ramen not bad rite? and its very cheap! : )

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