China Shanghai-Singapore Finale


4rd June 2007

We woke up very early today, 530am because the flight is 10am, we need to check in 2 hrs ahead at 8am, and the journey to airport is 1 half hours. After the last breakfast in Shanghai, we board the bus for the last time and head to Pu Dong airport. It was quite early when we reached there, so we got some time to take take photos before we check in.

Inside the waiting area, there is a whole row of duty-free shops, but guess what? All in US$! how to buy like that? So walk walk around a while, den we sit down and wait for our time to come. The aiport design is quite special huh?

We board the flight at 10am, Liwen, Yu Qun was sitting in the row in front of us, so no worry that the 5 hour will be pass long. With them around, havoc reigns! We had a fun time chatting on plane, den sleep, wake up chat, den sleep. lol! Anyway, reaching Singapore Airport after 5 hours, we have to say bye bye.

 我们带着依依不舍的心情回家了. But then as the popular phase goes 天下没有不散的宴席! Everything no matter how beautiful it is, have to come to an end. But i believe this is not the end, this is just a beginning for all of us, we will meet one day again (we will la, Liwen, Yuqun house in Pontian so near my grandfather house, sure will meet next time).

During this trip, i have learnt a lot new things and meet a lot new friends. From Suzhou we see丫头, Hangzhou see 桥头, Nanjing see 石头, to Shanghai see 人头. Everyday different things happen, so many things for us to see, to appreciate the greatness of China. Travelling has really made me open up my eyes and learn to think differently, there is so much in the world which we had not see and discover, thus i decided i will go travelling whenever possible to see the difficult places and culture the world offers us.

Most of all, the companion gained during the trip is also priceless, fate has bring everyone together, like the chinese saying goes, our past life has learn 300 merits in order for us to meet once in this lifetime. I believe in my lifetime, i will not forget everything that i had experienced during this trip. But for now, everything has to be let go of, quoting a friend, that while good things never last, they happen for a reason; they are meant to be kept as memories deep deep in our heart! With that, it marks the end of our China trip, looking forward to the next trip! But first, a three month holiday on the sunny island in the east of Singapore beckons

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2 Responses to “China Shanghai-Singapore Finale”

  1. 1 hy

    wah gt new frens sia…
    eh wad are those things hanging from the ceiling in the airport? like taogey leh…
    oh ya! all the best to u when u go to the island.. i will see u there in few wks time. an advance wishing for you incase i dun get to send u my regards b4 u go… good luck!

  2. 2 ladyironchef

    haha, i also dunno what are all those things, but looks quite cool huh? i think the new Singapore Terminal 3 also got something like that one, that time saw on the news.

    thanks, see u on the island a few weeks time! lol

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