Dunkin Donuts



Refering back to my earlier post on Donuts, i had said then that don’t eat donuts cos its not good for health. But i still cant stop myself from buying Dunkin Donuts, its so famous, and unlike the ones at Vivocity & Raffles City, Dunkin Donut at KL no Q!! So we brought 5 and got 1 free. We got three chocolate, two pinapple, one lime. The names all very long, can’t remember the exact names.

My point is, those donuts people are really clever, a simple donut come up with different variety and flavours, coupled with nice packaging. Ta-daaa!! Dunkin Donuts! lol! You might ask, what about my earlier post where i said don’t eat donuts, and here i am buying six donuts? Since ladyironchef is going to the sunny island on the east of Singapore for 3 mths, a few calories wont hurt much right? Haha! Kidding, ladyironchef is still health-conscious, i only took a few bites, the rest all my bro finished it. Cheers

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