11th June 2007

Went to Genting for my last holiday before going to the island. We went to larkin bus terminal to buy bus ticket to KL, wanted to get Konsortium Express (the best bus among so many going to KL), but the timing was one hour later at 11am and we do not wanted to wait (which was a big mistake). We ended up on another bus (24RM each), they say the bus will move at 1010am, but end up moving only 1040. Regrets!! Shld have wait for Konsortium, rule of the thumb, always always take Konsortium.

Anyway, the lousy bus that we took, took us abt 5-6 hours to reach KL, after reaching Puduraya Terminal, we brought Genting bus tickets cum skyway tickets (8.50RM). Took another 1 half hour to reach Genting, our hotel is First World Hotel (not first class at all), anyway its free cos dad use his genting world point to exchange 1 room for two nights, four of us squeeze into the tiny room : ) 

First night dinner was at Coffee Terrace House, personally felt that the buffet there is one of the better ones at Genting, 45RM per person, eat-all-you-can!! haha. After dinner, wanted to watch Ocean Thirteen, but the ticket for night sold out, so we pre-advance brought the tickets for the next day.

12th June 2007

Morning ate breakfast at Resorts hotel cafe 23RM per person, the food not nice at all, resorts cafe have really deprove alot this few years, i remember when i was young it used to be very good. O well, after that we went out to play!! Outdoor theme park 37RM per person, me and bro go only, parents went casino. So here we go, tried Flying Dragon first, had to q half an hour for the 2min ride. Duh! Den straight away proceed to the high level stuff, Space shooter (forgot the name), the one that u sit then it shoot up and down one? Yea, the tallest thing in the theme park, so u can’t miss it. Can see me in the picture? the one in white shirt, but cannot see my face cos cant take from that angle. Ha!

My virgin time taking the space shooter!! Adrenaline flows in my body, but the half hour Q makes all the adrenaline gone. Haha! Anyway when it was my turn, my seat was at the side that faces the hotels, personally i felt that this side was the hardest cos when look down from on top, the view is deeper compared to the other three sides. O well. The machine slowly bring us up till the top, den it pauses there for a while, making our heart beat faster not knowing when it will go down. Den suddenly without warning, the things shoot downwards, at that spilt second, the machine brings you down, but my body is floating and wanted to go up, so u know one force wants you down and another force wants you up, that type of feeling very hard to describe, you have to try yrself to experience it. Yea, the first move is the most exciting one, den it slowly becomes slower and slower until it reach the ground : ) 

After all the excitement, we went to Q for the fun-kart, an full one hour wait!! So bloody long, and the process is only 5mins? But luckily i got one extra round, the usual is 5 rounds, but i drove my kart so fast that i overtook the last two karts, den the staff tot that i still got one round. Haha! We went for lunch at KFC, den went back to the theme park again, pirate ship and spinner. 4pm we went for Ocean Thirteen see my fav star, Brad Pitt!! The movie was very nice, regretted not watching the earlier Ocean series, must go buy VCD watch.

After the show went to Mushroom Village 蘑菇园 for dinner, for those who don’t know where it is, it is a small garden famous for its mushrooms, got two restaurants there. Dinner was good and cheap, the vege cost 7RM, meat 10RM. 4 of us had six dishes (3 vege and 3 meat), total bill was 61RM only, cheap rite?

13th June 2007

Morning we had breakfast at 好友记, ordered dim-sum, they still had the traditional trolley pushing around for us to pick the dim-sum. Total bill 55RM, we didn’t order a lot, and each plate onli got two dim-sum (unlike Singapore we had three dim-sum on one plate). O well. After breakfast, we made our way down and left Genting. Amazing view isn’t it?


After an hour ride, we reach KL Puduraya Terminal, this time we die die also want to wait for Konsortium, an hour wait as the earlier slots are all full. We went to buy Dunkin Donuts, and then went to A&W restaurant to spend our one hour. Actually i still cant fathom out why A&W closed down in Singapore, its signature waffles & ice-cream root-beer remains deep in the heart of many people, but mayb they are not as competitive as McDonald & KFC so got kick out. Survivor of the fittest!


Ice-cream Waffles!!

We had three root-beer, two waffles double scoop, two chicken, and one chicken burger. Total bill was around 35RM? quite cheap i guess. After that we went back to bus terminal, took Konsortium bus 4 hrs flat and we reach Johor. So thats all folks for the Genting memories. Nothing much to share, three days only, and most people been to Genting, thank you for yr patience in reading this post : )

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