The last day


The last day before you-know-what. Got a suprise the previous day, HungryGoWhere (HGW) founder email and told me that i am the weekly $100 winner for writing reviews on their site. So i went to United Square at Novena to meet them to collect my money. 100 Bucks!! Haha. Lets do a simple comparison between Blurbme and HGW, both sites are similar in the sense that they provide a online portal for impartial reviews on food, allowing online users to post their comment and see others comment for good food in Singapore.

Their main difference is that Blurbme is more of the upscale side, the restaurants listed are all really restaurants, and Blurbme offers reviews on Spa and nightlife in Singapore as well. While for HGW, they focus on food, even some hawker food that you don’t expect it to be there, they have it. By the way, HGW is not the first such food review site in Singapore, they started in Feb this month so only four months old. Blurbme started last year in june or july i think. So Blurbme is the original website for reviews on food.

After meeting them, i went to Bugis to reward myself, my new babe caught my eyes a couple of days ago, since i got 100 bucks for free, i reward myself on this.

Espirit Watch!! $135, after discount $118!! Not very ex, but still i really like the design. Simple, nice, elegant, the list could go on. haha! I promise myself an Omega watch after i made my first pot of gold in the future. For now, Espirit will do nicely for me.

After that, went to Aunty May house to do the ulitmate job. Cut botak! My head brings me to the reality i am in. Big head cut botak the head really very big : )

My last day is not very special i know, somebody meet girlfriends for their last day, some meet a lot friends go out, everyone have their different method of living their final freedom day, but for me, i already meet up with my friends during the past few months since graduation, and also my memories from China can last me for a while. Thus, i spend my last day doing nothing much..

Before this day, i have tot of many words to mark my last days, but at this point in time, i cant really think of what to say, so i shld quote what others said to me. Things like “Be positive!”, “Two years will pass quickly”, “suck it up man”, “you will only be a Man after NS”, “protect the country!” are some of what i often heard.

To those who had been there, done that congrats of cos u pass that stage. 

To those who are not there yet, look forward to seeing you on the island

To those who don’t need to be there, good for you la!

Lastly, i will want to encourage everyone to flood my blog with yr comments!! The three month holiday on the sunny island on the east of Singapore will start tomorrow officially at 1pm. I will be back two weeks from now, 30th June Sat, pls wait for me to be out, and remember to miss me ya?

Activating eMo mode

Entering depression state

Okay okay, Stay Positive!! 

: )


12 Responses to “The last day”

  1. 1 vam

    enjoy the “wildest” time on the sunny island on the east of Singapore.
    Remember to bring some grass/soil/sand back on the 30th yeah? hahaz..

  2. 2 ladyironchef

    haha! sure, i’ll rmb to bring some air from tekong back for you. lol!

  3. 3 sp*

    He’s screaming he has got no new comments!
    No lah, we all actually are very sad to see our ladyironchef gone to enjoy his holiday thus as not to feel even more sad, we decided not to come here too often to remind us of you. you see? LOL.
    Anyway, ignore the craps above.
    How’s ur ‘holiday’!

  4. 4 ladyironchef

    haha!! thanks ah! Holiday is good!

    Feel like a refresh man all together! lol

    Went for NTU interview den came home sleep, so tired man, about to go out for dinner now den book in at 8pm ) :

    See u guys next fri, 29th June can book out liao

  5. 5 sp*

    see you!

  6. 6 hy

    u 29th den can book out den what are u doing here on 21 june?
    they allow u to use comp on the island?!
    i’m totally outside the zhuang kuang

  7. 7 sp*

    hy never pays attention. lol. ppl on holiday, why cannot bring laptop yea? LOL! He got interview that day but I guess he’s happily enjoying himself inside now.. kewahaha

  8. 8 hy

    sp always pays attention when there is food!
    so he brought laptop to the island meh?!
    i’m still outside the situation

  9. 9 carlosmamalei

    yoyoyoyo counting down to book out 2 days!!!!!

  10. 10 hy

    see.. how come gt comp to use?

  11. 11 ladyironchef

    I am back!!!

    hy u very blur leh, sp explain so many times liao u still dun understand the situation. lol! Basically is like this, i enlist on 15th june, have to confinement for two weeks and onli can book out on 29th june which is today, but last friday i book out because i went for the NTU interview, so using that as an excuse to book out lor, but of cos i went for the interview la : )

  12. 12 sophus

    If you like HungryGoWhere and Blurbme, you probably will like they are the best review site I can find.

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