Transformers, McDonald and more



Transformers are the MUST-WATCH movie of the year, catch it today, $9.50 no regrets!! Who thought they (the producers Michael Bay & Steven Spielberg) can made some old cartoon into a movie that cool & awesome! Megan Fox is my new love, so pretty!! When watching the movie, i was thinking how come nobody thought of making Transformers into a movie sooner, after all Transformers are part of our childhood, remember the times u watch transformers cartoon on tv? Mayb producers will start to dig out old comics and cartoon to make into new movie, remember Captain Planet? Think think!! : )

Transformers are definitely on Ladyironchef Best movie 2007 list, the best up till now, if not after the highly anticipated Harry Potter & the order of Phoenix. The top 3 movie: Harry Potter, Transformers and Pirates of the Caribbean. Still room for changes, after all now is july, only half a year gone.

Had McDonald for lunch, in army they said even if you got confinement for Saturday, take the fastcraft out to Pasir Ris to eat McDonald for two hours also good, after all it is the taste of civilization. Burgers are like fine cuisine, coke liquid gold and fries are fried gold. How true, especially cos the food in Tekong is great! But while eating McDonald, i felt that McDonald is on the decline, their McChicken Burger which used to be good, now is not up to the mark. The chicken meat is so thin, mayb thats the reason they can sell it at a affordable two bucks. McSpicy which used to have two layers of spicy chicken meat now becomes one, but the price remains the same. McDonald set meals which used to be $5, now cost a tad more than $6, mayb u can say that it because of inflation, and money now is smaller than it used to be, so they have to raise price to cover the cost, but then shouldn’t they be raising the standards too? Food for thought..


6 Responses to “Transformers, McDonald and more”

  1. 1 sp*

    Yea. And I miss Mc Spicy Double. Now McDonald no longer tempts me. They remove their 招牌 yea! LOL

  2. 2 ladyironchef

    Mc Spicy double is McDonald 招牌 meh? haha

    Sigh, the clock starts ticking, the time outside passes so fast, starting to activate emo liao. See u all next sat den! Mayb i’ll be out sooner, now feeling abit sick (really sick not bluff one), mayb tml go back liao very sick see doctor get mc. lol

  3. 3 hy

    hi fk!
    haha! after all, macdonalds is heavenly after staying in Tekong for too long

  4. 4 ladyironchef

    haha! yea, u’ll find out soon.. lol

  5. Huh… you like Transformers? Other than the loud, eye-popping effects, I thought story was quite flat.

  6. 6 ladyironchef

    Haha!! Not bad la, don’t complain everything is not bad. Who cares about the story when there is eye-popping effects and eye-candy Megan Fox? LOL

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