Seafood Station


07/07/07 a special day which occurs once a century. On this special day, we went to Seafood Station at East Coast Siglap to celebrate (celebrate is a excuse, just want to find a reason to go out spend money to boost our Singapore economy) Wanted to try different place for crabs because everytime go NoSignBoard and Jumbo , mom saw this advertisement on newspaper on Seafood Station so we went there to have a try. Met Aunty Geraldine downstairs so we sit her car go together.

Seafood Station, okay lets go straight to the point, the food is rather good but i wont go back again. Why? Poor service, price rather expensive relative to its small servings. But the main reason is the poor service which makes me think twice about going back. Anyway, when we reach the place at 730pm, the inside was full so we had to make do with the outer area. I did make a reservation prior going, but it was for 3 person, aunty geraldine family join us last min. The outside area had a lot insects flying around, so we was saying even if the insect drop into our food we also won’t know. O well, we saw a lot celebrity photos with the boss, so we thought the place must be quite good, but the dinner end up in a way we did not expect. Clearly fame does not shows anything.


Pepper crab was suppose to be Seafood Station Signature dish, but to our disappointment, the crab here was totally in a different league as compared to NoSignBoard or Jumbo, nowhere the standards to the other two. The meat was not firm, when we complain to the manager, he did show his goodwill by compensating us with abalone (the relative cousin not the real one) Any guesses how much this crab cost? A whooping $98! They claimed the crab was 2.8kg, but seriously there are only two crab, and we felt then that the crab was quite small and here they are telling us the crab was big? Come on man. For anyone who will like to try the true-blue singapore pepper crab, just go to NoSignBoard or Jumbo. Service rating


Deep Fried Baby Sotong ($8), although tried this dish a few times at different place, but can’t really tell the difference, all taste about the same Service rating


Golden Vegetables ($10) Service rating


Golden Crab Meat Fried Rice ($15 for Medium) This fried rice is good, i would say it is one of the better fried rice that i have tasted so far, but at $15 for the small servings i would think twice about ordering it again. It is just normal fried rice with a few slices of crab meal and voila a premium price is charged. Service rating

 Fried Seafood Mee Swa ($12 pictures removed*) this one is also quite good, but you-know-what? Due to the poor service which the manager cited as mix-up in the kitchen, we waited one hour plus for this dish to appear. By the time the Mee Swa came, we were already full with anger. Need i say more? Service rating


Craypot Crab Bee Hoon ($31.50) We ordered this as a last add-on, so it came rather late also, i think compared to the pepper crab, the price for this crab is reasonable. The soup for the Bee Hoon was not too bad. But we were too piss off to really enjoy this dish. Service rating

All in all, i confirm guarantee plus chop that i will not be going back for Seafood, if someone wants to treat me there i will have to consider. The food can be not too bad, but with the service that i got, i wont consider going back. When we ask the manager why our food hasn’t arrive, he took the bill and ask us which one hasn’t arrive. I mean as a manager shouldn’t you all know which dishes have arrive and which have not? This is a serious sign of poor service. Although one of the manager tried to show his goodwill by giving us the fake abalone, the other manager was nonchalant about us, when we asked about the long delay in food served, he just went to check without really giving us a proper explanation. Come on, being a restaurant, the least you can do is to make sure the dishes arrive promptly, saturday for restaurants are considered peak periods, can’t they handle their peak period properly? Total damage was $ 220.10 for 6 person, 10% goes to service charge when they did not provide us with any service. Heed my advice, avoid this place, steer clear of it!

Service rating

887 East Coast Road 459090

Tel: 6447 8885

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3 Responses to “Seafood Station”

  1. 1 hy

    canned abalone?

  2. 2 ladyironchef

    nah, i think more of a relative to abalone, you know got those that looks like abalone, but is not abalone. lol

  3. 3 sp*

    No, you have to make alot of noise on weekends since ure going to be MIA during the weekdays!

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