Harry Potter And the Order of the Phoenix



The highly anticipated (by me) movie Harry Potter And the Order of the Phoenix finally opens on thursday, 12th July. Watched it yesterday, saw some reviews which credited it with four stars, saying the director has done well by showing the important aspects and plots of the book in the 2 hour 15 mins show. Needless to say, although many parts of story has been cut, you can’t expect the director to show everything in the book into the movie. I

 believe you’ll have heard this, “The movie was darker than before, its no longer a kids movie” Harry potter in this movie also becomes more mature and angrier, Hermione (by Emma Watson) is becoming prettier by the day, and Evanna Lynch playing Luna Lovegood was as dreamy as the character, and pretty. But somehow, Ginny in this movie is still not very pretty, at least, in book 6 she was describe to have become very pretty. O well. Next week Harry Potter 7 is coming out, but doubt i got the time to read it, confirm cannot finish in one weekend one. So don’t think i getting it until later, and it will cost much cheaper to get it later, at least half the price : )

 Anyway, this weekend never do anything much, book out on friday night reach home, update myself on what happen in the finance world for the past week. Yesterday watch movie, and thats about it. Friday got quite a lot friends got enlisted, three companies intake, Tarus, Ninja and Whisky. Going to book in later at 645pm. So until next week, see you then!

“I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine”


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