Botak Jones


“Botak Jones offer authentic American style, restaurant quality food. The food quality is the same or better as any full sevice restaurant. Saying this, it also takes the same amount of time a restaurant takes to prepare your food as all of our food is cooked to order. This means your meat doesn’t hit the grill, your fish isn’t fried and your salad isn’t tossed until you placed your order… ”

Quoted from the botak jones menu (a long list of menu typed-print in yellow papers). Mister Ang, Mister Ong and me reached the place at around 130pm, not really a long Q, but can see that most of the people in the coffee shop is eating botak jones. Actually we wanted to visit Botak quite a long time ago, but just didn’t had the opportunity, was always going to some other places for meal. We waited for about 20 mins or so for the food to come.


Botak Jones most popular item, or so they claimed. Premium pacific dory ($6) not the cheap cream one (also claimed by them), season the fish and bread it with japanese bread crumb. The servings are generous, with lots of fries and big piece of fish. Service rating


Rosemary lamb chop – medium well ($11) Ordered this because the rest order the other two already, so i though i try something different. The lamb chop was quite good i suppose, tender, fatty, juicy and delicious. But the price was rather on the high side Service rating


Cajun Chicken ($7) Second most popular item (claimed by Botak), chicken breast grilled with cheese and toppled with spicy cajun sauce. I though this was pretty good, but then i don’t really fancy chicken breast meat, prefer the thigh : ) Service rating

In conclusion (not much time to spare so can’t write much), Botak Jones is the western type of restaurant found in our daily coffee shop, comparing it to restaurant, you will find the price reasonable cheap, considering it with coffee shop, you will find the price expensive. Restaurant or coffee shop? Your choice, your call.

Check out my second visit to Botak Jones here

Blk 325 Clementi Avenue 5
#01-129 120325

Tel: 6774 1225


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