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Uno Beef House


  Decided to have a quick lunch at Uno after reading fatpig review on it. Didn’t know that the Jumbo coffee shop at Dover has Uno as its new tenant since the last time i went to the coffee shop it wasn’t there. Anyway for the introduction, Uno Beef House is something like Botak Jones, (and Botak […]



Swensen the name that all are us are familiar with, the place that is famous for its ice cream. Swensen’s a household name in Singapore, the trademark tiffany lamps for relaxing meal comes into mind when we used to think of Swensen’s. Nowadays, we are always hearing people say how Swensen’s food has decline and […]



Blurbme Beta version 2 is live!! Cooler and better than before. Okay, for those who do not know what is Blurbme; is your platform to read, write and talk about the good, bad and fugly of restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, spas, gyms, salons and many other places you visit or frequent in SIngapore. […]