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Ladyironchef is proud to offically annouce the launch of Ladyirontravel Ladyirontravel is a contributory website to ladyironchef. Due to space constraints ladyironchef (wordpress only provides 50MB for pictures), this site will be all about travelling, the places i been to before, the pictures and everything. During May this year, i went to China, and i […]

Yippee!! Have been looking forward to this trip since entering army. The idea of going on a holiday during the two leaves block leave (11-24sep) keeps me alive throughout the last three months. The plane is 1pm, and no more Garuda airline, its China airline this round. This is my first time to Taiwan, and from what i hear, its […]



Whats a snail doing in my vege?

  Claypot rice New Lucky Claypot rice is located at Clementi, a few blocks from Botak Jones (can’t remember the block of the coffee shop). This stall always have a long Q for their claypot rice, almost all or more than half of the diners to this coffee shop is for the claypot rice. So […]

Sakae Sushi


Buffets, i hate buffets. I really do. You know all-you-can-eat buffets are those where they offer a large variety of food, and diners can take as many servings as they want, all this for paying a fixed price? You pay one price then all the food are there for your picking, being human, especially Singaporeans, naturally we are “kiasu” and […]