Celebrate Karen’s birthday with zihui and tay. Karen wanted japanese food, so we went to Central @ Clarke Quay, one of the place with many japanese restaurants around. At first we wanted to try Ma Maison, but in the end we end up in Kyomomoyama for some unknown reason. hahaha! Hmm.. Kyomomoyama, how the heck do you pronouce it? I think its Kyo-mo-mo-ya-ma : )

Interior of Kyomomoyama

When we went in at about 1130am, there was not much people around, so we manage to get the window seats by the river. The interior was quite well decorated, pleasant and neat looking. The menu is quite extensive with a wide range of sashimi, sushi, and japanese food. And their set lunches are quite reasonable, prices ranging from the cheapest at $12 to $30.

Saba set: Grilled Mackerel ($15)

Zihui and tay had this set which was served with appetizer, pickles, steamed egg, rice, miso soup and dessert.

Set lunch special eel set B ($18)

Kyomomoyama is offering this special eel set lunch with four different sets available. My set consist of green salad, special eel roll wrapped with japanese radish, steamed custard egg with eel, grilled eel (above), pickles, rice, soy bean soup, & dessert. At $18 i though the price was pretty decent. The eel was nice, as in you don’t feel the eel-ily taste, in fact i felt it was rather delicious.  

Unagichatsuke ($28.80)

Karen had Unagichatsuke – grilled eel served with seaweed tea. The grilled eel here was the same as the eel i had for my eel set, just that there is two piece of eel here (more expensive).

Sake Teriyaki ($12.80)

Side order we had sake teriyaki – which was grilled salmon

Overall, our bill was $113.45 for 4 person. The price is quite reasonable i guess, that is if you stick to the set lunches, if you start to order the side dishes, this is wad happen to us. hahaha! But one thing is by the time we leave about 1pm, the place is not really full, as compared to the other restaurants beside Kyomomoyama, the rest are almost full. For a sunday a restaurant not full is not really a good sign. The lady boss was quite friendly, she came out to chat with the customers, when she was at the next table to us, we pay up and fled. lol! Somehow, the lack of a theme for Kyomomoyama i don’t know works to or work against them. For restaurants like Waraku, they have causal japanese dining, Wakashiya is famous for its curry udon, Ma Maison is its european-japanese fusion of western food, Marutama everyone knows it for its ramen. What do you think?

 Just to side track, as we were having the window seats, we saw the yellow-ducks floating in the singapore river, a lot of people were standing by the river to see : )


After lunch, tay went to the basement there to buy donuts, Marcial Kobe – its small ring size donut.


Plenty of varieties to choose from, dozen small size donuts for $4. Tay xuan took a bit of this and that, never really notice what favour he choose. Tried a few and they were quite okay, like all donuts, after eating fried stuff very thirsty. But the donut-craze that is going on is n’uff reason for the crowd buying donuts. Donut shops are springing up like nobody business, from the popular donut factory at city hall, Vinco the donut parlour at Vivocity, missy donut, yummy donut, Dunkin Donuts, just to name some of the more prominent ones. You can see a article by Sunday times on donuts here. My personal opinion of donuts

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