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Percussion gathering with Ad and Gui, a bit sad though, everytime onli got three of us, the rest is always busy with this and that. Never mind, three is better than nothing rite? Dinner’s at Manhattan Fish Market (Plaza Singapura).

Savouring seafood has become so affordable these days that diners do not need to confine themselve to only special occasions to have seafood. Among the numerous seafood restaurants, Manhattan Fish Market (MFM) and Fish & Co will immediately come to mind as they offer affordable and delicious seafood that caters to everybody need. MFM is always compare with Fish & Co, as they offer vastly similar menus; fish and seafood. Each has its own strength and weakness, read on to find out more..

MFM specialises in American-style seafood. Its product ranges from fish & chips to Garlic Butter mussels and Red hot whole fish. Manhattan fish & chips, flaming prawn patter, and Manhattan Seafood platter are among its signature dishes.

Fisherman’s Giant fried patter ($36.90)

The patter consist fried shrimps, fish, calamari, mushroom with garlic rice and fries. The whole presentation of the food was done very nicely and looks tempting. There was 6 shrimps, with lots of fish, calamari, fries and a generous serving of the garlic rice. The shrimp was very delicious, calamari not too bad, fries well done, and i particularly like the garlic rice (although eating it made me very full). But the fish was a bit of a letdown. By the three of us, we could not finish the patter and left quite a fair bit of fish, fries and rice. For the price, i though it was quite reasonable with such a big serving.

Manhattan Fish & Chips ($9.90)

Manhattan’s all time favourite, its fish & chips. We made the fatal mistake of ordering this; not that its not good, but we can’t even finish the patter and yet we ordered this dish. Wasting food is so sinful!! We though that the patter might not be enough for the three of us, so we order the fish to share. The rest you know is history, anyway we did manage to finish this fish, the taste was rather similar to the one i had in Fish & Co. In fact, if you have not tell me which is which, i almost can’t tell them apart, mayb except of the size; the one at Fish & Co is too much bigger.


The waiter used a device to flame the sauce that was spread on top of the prawn for the seafood patter. I was rather tempted to order this dish just to see the waiter flame the prawns, but gui tried this dish before and commented that the prawn was burned and not very nice.

To conclude, i will say Manhattan Fish Market is on par with Fish & Co in my opinion. Price wise they are not too far apart, menu wise they offer quite similar items, taste wise i also though they are quite close. MFM had the spectacle flame show, but there is also the consequences that come with it, a strong gas smell around the restaurant. However if you are looking for a different option, look no further than Hooked!, a restaurant offering different variety of fishes. Total bill for three comes up to $66.60. Both MFM and Fish & Co are great place to dine, but after eating there i am thirsty!! They do not include any greens to go along with the main course, yes they do offer salads separately, but can’t they just include some greens in it? You know Singaporeans are getting more and more health conscious, cannot everything fried food : )

#06-07 Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road

Tel: 6835 9300

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12 Responses to “Manhattan Fish Market”

  1. omg…how come u can still remember the price of the food one?? u got super brain leh…haahaaa…anyway am in class now watching some video…tout i’ll drop by to say hi….

    enjoy ur trip 😛
    see ya real soon….


  2. 2 ladyironchef

    hahaha. u know there is something called recipe? lol
    in class still can watch video one ar? uni life is cool man. haha

    Yea, please drop by often to leave comment
    see u all soon : )

  3. Manhattan is nicer to me compare to Fish & Co.!!! I simply love the seafood platter lo!!! Hehe.. Tt time i ate, there wasn’t any burnt smell on the prawn. It taste superb lo!! I guess tt waiter tt serve u all bo skill so burnt it =x

  4. 4 sp*

    When is my turn for makan? LOL!

  5. 5 ladyironchef

    hahaha. u always got so many people asking u out, i gave up. lol. just kidding : )

    I though u’ll never ask. When u free?

  6. I guess you guys ordered too much food thus not being able to savour the fish and chips!

    i ate there a few days ago and must really compliment their fish~ it was the best fried fish i’ve ever tasted, crispy and really tasty with a hint of herbs outside, soft, moist and really fresh on the inside! the piece of fish was really big and comes with hot vegetables(mushrooms baby corn carrots and tomatoes). IMHO, the branch at PS is better than the one at central.. or maybe it’s because there were not much people dining there when i went.

  7. 7 ladyironchef

    Hello Jiaying: Hahahah! Yeah i guess so. The fish was really huge! lol! PS better than central ar? All right, made a mental note already : )

  8. 8 xLadyzStarx

    Hi babe…

    Been reading your interesting reviews here… My job relates much to eating and I usually dig the internet for civilian reviews. Really enjoy some of the interesting anecdotes that peeps like you leave online. But sometimes, it’s to each his own, certain reviews don’t really tally with your tastebuds when you step into the place yourself.

    My reviews this month for my team is on seafood eateries and I must say your bloggies really helped in a way. We look out for hip eateries that are family friendly and with good service. so of course, some outlets are definatly out.

    Speaking of seafood eateries, you should try Fin’s Seafood Cafe by Blue Lobster, at Marina Square which serves really decent seafood fare. Love the $1 oyster offer they have and so far the oyster’s I’ve had are pretty fresh. Amazing since I’ve never really liked oysters. They were the outlet to make me start eating them. =)

    Hope to see more interesting reviews!
    Thanks a mil babe!


    Cheese and Whiskers

  9. 9 ladyironchef

    Hello ladyzstarx: Eh, like many others before you who visited my blog, i’m sorry to disappoint you although my nick ladyironchef, the word lady does slightly implies that the writer of this blog is a lady, but then the truth is the writer is a guy : )

    I understand how people will mistake the nick for a female, but the reason i choose this nick, i don’t really know, i thought it sounds nice, and the contrast of lady and iron appeals to me. Sorry for any misunderstanding, and i hope you will continue to read my blog.

    And yeah i heard of Fin’s by blue lobster. I’ll much prefer to try blue lobster itself, but it seems a little bit far away on the east side of Singapore.


  10. 10 xLadyzStarx™

    heh.. then I’, the real lady then =D sure sure, ur name doesn’t affect the reading of the blog. well. Realised u were a guy but didn’t really have a chance to edit the post.
    Blue Lobster’s one place I’ll wanna try too. My feature this monthy is one fishy eateries. So, probably might drop that on the list if I have the time. Fin’s pretty good tho. Love their offers. Standard dropped after some change in their org structure, but nonetheless still good.

    Ah.. I see u stay in the west. It’ doesn’t really bother me tho. I live at both the east and the west =D

    Guess I’ll have to call u dude next time XD


  11. 11 ladyironchef


    Thanks for reading my blog! Hmm.. what does your job actually does? Related to eating? Sounds good to me! haha!

    We are going to Wild Rocket’s Relish tomorrow, Sunday 6th April, are u interested to join us?


  12. 12 xLadyzStarx™

    Aww I missed it. Well, I’m doing planning and leasing of F&B space… Hehe… Abit top secret as to the place. But people’ll find out soon enough. I don’t really join large groups to eat. Not a very stranger person… =( but I do get along with strangers.

    Yes, my job is pretty much related to eating I guess. Gotta try new food and concepts and be hell strict about them -.-
    Let’s see what’s next for you then =D


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