New Lucky Claypot rice


Claypot rice

New Lucky Claypot rice is located at Clementi, a few blocks from Botak Jones (can’t remember the block of the coffee shop). This stall always have a long Q for their claypot rice, almost all or more than half of the diners to this coffee shop is for the claypot rice. So a wait is always a must, off peak hours around 20mins, during its peak hour 45min to one hour at least.

Claypot rice after adding dark sauce and oil

The smallest size is $10 for two person, i think the price increase already, it used to be $8 (i think). O well, mister ang and me share the $10 one. Hy got guard duty need to go back tekong, and SP as usual very busy, so only me and mister ang. When we arrived not much people, so we waited about 15 mins, or is it 20min? Anyway, we actually wanted to order the Lor Mee from another stall (famous also), but we decided to wait until the claypot rice come already then order, as fate knows it, when we went to order, they say ingredient finish, sold out already! Ta!!   

The rice is very fragrant, chicken very tender. If i am not wrong they use a mix of both drumstick meat and chicken breast. Also the “la-chang” is very nice, as usual “salt-fish” together inside. And oh ya, they also put in small slices of “salty-vegetables” as part of the ingredients. And like all good food, we’ll always find the serving not n’uff cos the food is too delicious : )


Have you blurb?


3 Responses to “New Lucky Claypot rice”

  1. 1 sp*

    Aiyo, 对不起吗. And the rice looks pretty tempting! Clementi where?
    As usual, mister Ang NEVER updates his soon-be-be-covered-with-lots-of-cobwebs-blog. So he is more busy than me. Yup. And why got HY guard duty! You all never volunter to acc him? lol.

  2. 2 ladyironchef

    hahaha! U nv go this stall b4 ar? wad a waste! Eh, its one bus stop (towards dover direction) from clementi mrt.

    U forever busy one, mayb our 八字相匆, cannot have dinner together. lol

    Yea, he lazy nv update one. HY suay lor, when he come back tml u ask him : )

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