Big O (Wheelock)



Lunch @ Big O with Tay xuan. Had cravings for cake, but in the end never ordered any cos pocket was a bit tight. hahaha! We went to the place at around 1230pm, not much people even though it was a sunday, and i wonder why (the last time i passed by Big O it was quite crowded)

Barbequed Baby Ribs ($17.95)

Green Salad, sour cream and fragrant rice, served together with the baby ribs. The ribs was quite good, the servings was not lest the size that i thought it would be, it was bigger than i expected. Kudos, usually i though baby ribs confirm very small and not much meat, but Big O baby ribs aren’t really baby. lol! Fragrant rice on the menu as a separate dish cost $3, rather expensive for rice don’t you think? But mine come together with the ribs, no problem there!

Bacon wrapped chicken leg ($16.20)

Gravy and spinach mashed potato with chicken leg wrapped in bacon. The serving was small to the extent that it is not filling for the price tag. No doubt the dish is well done, wrapped with bacon, the chicken taste delicious, but the serving was really a bit small, after finishing it you won’t feel full.

Big O is just directly opposite N.Y.D.C (for cakes), located on the second floor of wheelock. Big O is under the same management as N.Y.D.C jus in case you didn’t know, and New York New York also belongs to the same boss. The cafe was quite all right i guess, price still consider reasonable, food taste not too bad (except for small servings, or did we order the wrong dish?). Menu also consist of quite a variety of mudpies, sweets (their cakes are called sweets), and ice-cream. But there’s haato (for ice cream) opposite them also. So i guess you wont really want to order ice cream or cakes from Big O. The rest please : )

501 Orchard Road
#02-04/05 Wheelock Place

Tel: 6737 8472

“I eat not for the sake of eating, for fulfilment”


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