Taiwan: Singapore-Taoyuen


16th Sep 2007 

Alas, the long-awaited post on my recent trip to Taiwan during block leave. Lets see, the air-carrier was Eva Air (taiwan airline), and the flight was at 140pm, a rough 5 hours flight. The main cities that we are going to see the next few days are as follows: Taoyuen, Hualien, Gao Xiong, Tai Zhong, and Taipei. Of cos this is not including some of the places that we will brief through or pass by, like Jiu Fen, Yilan, Tainan, Jiayi and a few others. The few days tour of Taiwan is virtually driving along the costal route of Taiwan, from the north to the east, then to the south, to the west before returning to the north at Taipei.

Around 630pm, we reach Taoyuen International airport, due to some crop-up between the Singapore tour agency side and the taiwan side (long story), we only left the airport at around 730pm. Anyway, first night nothing much to do, the tour guide explained that Taoyuen do not have much things to view (something more like a kampong area), don’t have night market, and also cos of the long flight we had been on, so he just stop at one of the street along the way for us to grab some light dinner.

Store selling all sorts of fried stuff by the road

Here, we had our first taste of the Taiwan 鸡扒!! We brought it from one of the store selling all sorts of fried stuff by the road, at first we were kind of dumb, cos we didn’t know the thing works; how to buy food from the store, so we just stand by the side and see what the locals do. You just need to use a basket and pick up all the food you wanted, put it inside and hand over to the store-owner, then she will fried the food and put all the spices and sauce on it.


The chicken might not look appealing here, but i swear to God, its one of the best 鸡扒 i ever eaten, nothing in Singapore beats this man. And for this size of the chicken how much u guess it cost? SGD$4? No! $5? No! Its only 2 bucks!! You get what they mean when they say the best 鸡扒 can be found in Taiwan only. Whats so good with the chicken is actually their spice, after deep-frying the chicken, they use a combi of spices, i think got chili, pepper and some others. The spices make the chicken taste really awesome!! Oh ya, this is the first of the many 鸡扒 we eat in Taiwan, so look out for the rest. By the way for those who don’t know, the currency exchange rate is about SGD $1 for $21.3 Taiwan money (TWD).

One of the sticks they sell, don’t know what is it though

Yaward Hotel is actually a golf-course hotel for golf players. Anyway the room was quite okay, and the place was very beautiful, look out for the photos that i will be taking in the next post. And that marks the end of our first day, nothing much cos it was not meant to be a day anyway, as in the itinerary has nothing planned for us on this day. And one more thing, Taiwan Television is really power!! I meant it, over 100 channels, we switch channels until hand pain. lol! Some of the channels we also can see in Singapore one, like GTV (which alone has three channels; variety, drama and 1st channel), TVBS network (news, entertainment, variety, asia). A lot man, serious, go Taiwan just go there watch TV don’t go out can already : )

For all the pictures, pls go to ladyirontravel

“ Nothing beats going on a trip with your loved ones ”  


4 Responses to “Taiwan: Singapore-Taoyuen”

  1. Wah damn! i miss the ji pa!

  2. 2 hui

    don tel me that is your hand!! so gu-niang.

    liew didnt know u go taiwan leh!! only 2 of u?

    how much u spend ar?

    ur hotel, food and scenery is so so so much beta than the one i go to.. =(

  3. 3 hui

    hahahaha.. and yes i love the tv there. told u so. watch till go bonkers right. hehehe. just not enuf time to finish watching them only.

  4. 4 ladyironchef

    wa lau. u didn’t know meh? me, my mom, donald, xiao yi, ah ma and ah gong go together wad.

    one person abt 900+ for 8 days 7 nights.

    Yea, the best is yet to come. hahaha

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