Taiwan: Taoyuen-Jiufen


17th Sep 2007


Second day in Taiwan already, today morning wake up and the beautiful golf course range greets me as i step outside. The hotel restaurant is in a separate building with the hotel rooms, so i took a stroll around the golf range before going for breakfast.

Okay, the picture of the breakfast doesn’t looks appealing and its the truth. One thing that i dislike about going on a group tour is that the meals they provide usually aren’t good. I understand the tour groups have to make profit, so obviously they can’t be giving you good meals everyday, but still, i don’t like it : )

The only spark in the breakfast for the group tour in China and Taiwan is that both countries have really good soft rice. Their rice and porridge taste really very delicious, its totally from the Thailand rice that we have in Singapore.

The view from top of Jiufen 

After the driver pack our lugguage onto the bus(we’ll be doing this everyday), we proceed on after breakfast to Jiufen 九份, a small town on the top of mountain. A half an hour journey ride, not very far. After breakfast everyone focus on hiberating. LOL! The picture isn’t very clear cos its drizzling, what a shame. Jiufen 九份 is famous for four things, 太阳饼, Ma chi, Long yan gan 龙眼干, and fruit pudding 果冻

We visit the Jiufen street, a very long street with many small shops selling food. 




Mayday 阿信’s shop!! Hahaha, just kidding : ) The shop sells a lot of different local product 土产, with the most famous being 太阳饼 and its puddings 果冻. Its Ma chi also taste very nice, lots of samples around. hahaha! mango pudding 果冻!! very nice, cost 180 NTW for 6 per pack 

One thing about Taiwan is, it got really a lot a lot convience store around, besides 7-11, they also got other shops all same as 7-11, and their one very special, besides selling the normal things a 7-11 in Singapore will sell, upon stepping inside, you can smell tea-leave egg 茶叶蛋, almost everyshop sells 茶叶蛋. They also sell a lot funny funny stuff which Singapore’s one don’t sell. And the bread they sell is very nice, a lot variety to choose from, all made in Japan.

After about 1 hour plus, we finish our shopping in 九份, a really special place which i will want to go back and take a look again next time. We head off to our next destination, Yilan 宜兰 to have lunch, then to Hua lian 花莲, the route from 九份 to 宜兰 to 花莲  is basically around the coastal route of the north part of Taiwan to the east of Taiwan, long way to go. So tune in for the next post.

For all the pictures, please go to ladyirontravel

” Travelling gives you knowledge, experience where u can’t gain from a book ”


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