Taiwan: Yilan-Hualian


We are still in the second day of our Taiwan trip, although there are many posts already. The main reason why i am dividing into so many posts is to spilt up the different emphasis of the place, and hopefully it will be more organised and not so messy. I would say Parkview Hotel is the second best hotel in our eight days trip, the best being Grand Hyatt in Taipei. Its a five-star hotel after all. Hahaha! So cool right, get to stay in five stars hotel. OMG, i am loving every moment of it : )

Going up the room, i charged my Ixus for a while and tuning in to the tv many-many channels before going downstairs to the restaurant to have our buffet dinner (its included in the tour package) img_3495.jpg





All the desserts together (or rather the ones that i fancy)

Taa-daa!! the combinations of all the meat available

After the very full dinner, donald and me went hotel-exploring, the pool was very nice no one somemore, but no mood to go swimming. Then there is this recreation centre which has pool, rock wall, gym and other facilites for the hotel members to use. This is the end of day two in Taiwan. Tomorrow, we will travel to Gao Xiong, which is the second largest port in Taiwan where we see their attractions like the 85 Business tower, the love river, and also take ferry to the small island Qi Jing which is just beside Gao Xiong. Catch the next post soon!

For the full post, please go to ladyirontravel ” When i go on travel, i do not think whether it is nice or not, when i finish my travel and enjoy it, it is nice “


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