Taiwan: Hualian-Kaohsiung


18 Sep 2007

Waking up the third day, we found ourselves still in Hualian’s 5 Star Parkview hotel. We went down to the hotel restaurant eagerly for our breakfast buffet.


See, 5 star hotel is really different, they still have a staff cooking sunny side-ups, omelette with different toppings like cheese, ham, mushroom inside. As many as you like!! But i only have one omelette because it is so big that it can feed two person.

The perfect Breakfast

The splendid view from our hotel room

All of us work so hard is only for a main reason, to enjoy a good life. This is life isn’t it? What more can you ask from life when you have good food and such a beautiful scenary in front of you? I vow to become successful to enjoy my life.

After our stay in Hualian, we proceed on to our next destination; Kaohsiung 高雄市. Its a long journey, from breakfast we travel until 330pm before we reach Kaohsiung. But before that, lets see some of the places we stop at in between.

We travel for about an hour or two and came to this rest stop at Rui Xi. At there, is a river call the siouguluan river which travels a distance of 104km. By now have you guess what’s the activity here? Yep, river-rafting!!


Following the break, we carry on with our journey southwards, another two hours pass before we reach our place for lunch. The meal was pretty decent, and the place is by the sea!

Finishing our lunch, our tour guide introduce us to a special fruit produce in Taiwan which also can be found in Singapore, but in small quantity which means expensive prices. Introducing… Ling Ki!! I don’t know the exact name of the fruit, but thats how they pronouce the name of the fruit. If you have seen or eaten the fruit before, you must be pretty good, because i didn’t. hahaha!


We continue our journey to Kaohsiung 高雄市 which we reach the city at around 330pm. What a long ride! Some gains always have to come with some sacrifices i guess. But for the trip, the long journey is definitely worth it : )

All right we have reach Kaohsiung, i guess i’ll stop this post here now that its getting a bit long. The next post will be about the attractions and the things we do in Kaohsiung. Watch this space : )”

For the full post, please go to ladyirontravel

” No one realise how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rest his head on his old, familiar pillow “


3 Responses to “Taiwan: Hualian-Kaohsiung”

  1. Wow! I drool looking at the ling ki (aka custard apple). You should have tried them. You are right that it’s quite expensive and difficult to find here in Singapore.

  2. 2 ladyironchef

    hahaha! i did try them!! lol. How much it cost in Singapore huh?

  3. They can cost about $4 per fruit.

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