“From the imaginations of best-selling author Neil Gamen and director Matthew Vaughn comes “Stardust”, the enchanting tale of a fallen star who crashes into a magical kingdom – and turns out to be no ordinary meterorite at all, but a beautiful imperiled woman… ”

Are we human because we graze at stars, or we graze at stars because we are human? The question is, do stars graze back? 

You know Stardust is a great movie when the following points are present.

Fantasy Fairytale with a bit of sex and violence

Stardust isn’t just a children’s movie. When is the last time you ever see a movie that is a fairytale and yet the show has a darker side catering to adult, which makes it a movie for all ages. The director retains the purpose of fairytale yet injecting a humorous sense into it.

The leads have perfect chemistry

The two main characters Tristan Thorne (Charlie Cox) and Yvaine (Claire Danes) display good chemistry while acting, from the start where they fight until they slowly start to like each other. There are humors and romances all together. Claire Danes & Charlie Cox have become great friends ever since filming in this movie.


When the geek becomes the gorgeous

At the start of the show, one of the main reason why Tristan Thorne could not win the heart of his girl Victoria (Sienna Miller) was mainly because he looks like a boy, totally not attractive at all. But halfway through, after some transformation by Captain Shakespeare, taa-daa! The geek all of a sudden becomes Mr. Gorgeous, so much so that when he went back to find the beautiful Victoria that she was taken aback and wanted him.   


Witches, Princes, Pirates, Star and a Human

Wicked witches, scheming princes, flying pirates, fallen star and a human on the quest to find the star. What more do you want? 

The happily-ever-after ending

I always like happy endings, the prince and the princess live happily-ever-after when the baddies are gone, because i don’t see the point in paying $9.50 to watch a movie to scare myself (say no to horror movies), or make my tear glands work. Laughter is the best medicine, for $9.50, its cheap medicine indeed. I love romance, i love fantasy, Stardust is just right for me.

Stardust is exciting, funny, advanturous, magical and very romantic. The special effects are great, but the characters are even better.

Stardust is the current must-watch movie of the year. Next up, i am looking forward to Jessica Alba’s new movie, Good luck Chuck, and also Enchanted

” You know what stars do? They shine “


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