Taiwan: Yeliu-Yangmingshan


Following the scenaries at Yeliu, it is about 5pm when we start to literally head up to Yangmingshan 杨明山, its a high mountain after all. By now everyone is feeling sweaty from the walk at Yeliu, a hot spring bath is just needly on time.

The hotspring we are going to is a 5star hot spring hotel. Hear hear! The hot spring is divided into two different parts, one outdoor which also means swimming costume one, and another indoor which also means nake hot spring. Hahaha! Anyway all of us went to the outdoor one, so i don’t know how the indoor one is like. At this point of time onwards, no pictures are shown on the hotspring, why? because they don’t allow camera. Duh! Besides how do u bring camera in when you are having a hotspring bath? Gee!

Entering into the hotel, oh my god! Its so posh and nice. How i wish we can stay there for the night, but no its not on the iterniery. The guide bring us to the changing room, there we change and go to the outdoor hotspring. The hotspring got many different type of water;

  • Fruit (warm)
  • Coffee (warm)
  • Rose (warm)
  • Green Tea (cold)
  • Cold Spring
  • Spring Bamboo Charcoal (cold)
  • And also 4 normal water spring (temperature ranging)

Shoik right? Thats not all, i particularly like one place where you can lie down and got strong water bursting down from the top and massage you. I can lie there all day and sleep. Ha! There is also a lover’s pool for couples. One of the normal spring is super hot, even with the leg in only you cannot take it. But i did go down with the whole body to experience the hotspring!

Hotspring is really very good, and relaxes the body. We should go for hotspring often, but there isn’t any in Singapore. Taiwan and Japan! Hahahaha! When the time’s up, all of us don’t want to get up and leave the place, but then dinner’s calling, and its at Shilin night market!!!

By the time all of us is up and done, its around 7pm already, all feeling hungry, and it’s gonna take another 1 hour before we can reach Taipei city, and go to Shilin. Worse thing is, after we exit the changing room and come out, we pass by the hotel restaurant, and my godness, their buffet dinner looks heavenly. Ther have the outdoor BBQ, and also indoor there is plenty of food selection. Just looking at the desserts and cakes makes me feel so yummy. And oh ya, the buffet cost S$40 per person, but even if we wan to pay for the buffet, we can’t.

Taa-daa! Thats the end of the hotspring at Yangmingshan. We are going to take a 1 hour ride to Taipei, where we are going to visit the fame Shilin night market.

And ya, YOU! Yes you! Why are you always looking at my post, but not posting any comments?!? Leave some comment! You hear me? Leave comments, good or bad i don’t care : )

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” Cakes delightfully sinful “


One Response to “Taiwan: Yeliu-Yangmingshan”

  1. 1 huii

    杨明山天赖温泉is possibly the best 温泉 i’ve ever been, besides the onsen in Japan…
    but anyway, u should try the indoor naked 温泉…its really really comfortable…even nicer than the other ones…trust me…
    i’ve been to those and its really heavenly… you wont be shy when u see the locals undress themselves…in fact u feel awkard when u are the only one covering here and there…hahas…its a really nice experience…

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