Taiwan: Fisherman Wharf-Grand Hyatt



We arrived at Grand Hyatt around 4pm? It simply blew me away. Five star hotels are indeed in a different league. Easily put, Grand Hyatt is the BEST hotel in our 8 days Taiwan trip, the services, the rooms, the prestige. It won hands-down.

After settling down and visiting the hotel, we went out for a walk. From Grand Hyatt, we cross a overhead bridge to Taipei 101 (its just beside Grand Hyatt). And the good thing is, all the shopping centres there are linked together with bridges and shelters. Beside Grand Hyatt is Taipei 101, and beside is New York New York, with a Cinema complex just behind it, and beside the Cinema is 新光三月 shopping mall. Complicated right? Hahaha.

Taipei 101 is some sort of our Paragon, mayb a bit more up than Paragon, but the idea is there, all the branded goods can be found here. And its divided into two parts, the shopping area, and the office area. Not really our league, so we left and walk over to New York New York, another shopping centre beside Taipei 101.

New York New York! Cool name? Inside nothing much to shop actually, but we walked around, quite a few of restaurants in there, but none suits our eyes. We end up buying donuts (see below)

Arhh.. The donut craze. Mister Donut ought to be the most popular donut store in Taiwan with many branches around the whole island. Each donut is about 1.5SGD, and too many to choose from.

went with Donald to wander around, we walk to the cinema no particular show to watch, so we went to 新光三月. The shopping mall is super complicated, it has 4 blocks, catering to diff needs of the consumer, one block the high end type etc. The shopping mall is freaking huge, but we cant find anything we like. Damn the rain again, if not for the rain, we can go further, but because of it, our movement is restricted to shelter areas. While on the way back to Grand Hyatt empty-handed, we saw this shop call NET, which has much branches in Taiwan, so we went in and took a look. Donald even claimed that so expensive shop sure cannot find anything we can afford one. But surprise surprise, there is a sale going on, and we ended up with our pocket considerately lighter.

The next post is the last day of our Taiwan trip, we will go to the Taiwan Musemum, and also free-time shopping in Xi Men Ting.

For the full post, please go to ladyirontravel

” Donuts – Do not eat it “


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  1. 1 Idetrorce

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  2. 2 ladyironchef

    Hi, may i know what you don’t agree with me?


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