Taiwan: Yangmingshan-Taipei Shilin


After the last post where we leave Yangmingshan hotspring, we are now going into Taipei, Shilin night market. By the time we reached the place, it was about 730pm, and we only got until 930pm to eat and shop. Thats the bad thing about following tours ) :

Shilin 士林夜市 is divided into two areas, one where all the foodie gathers, some sort of our Singapore Hawker centre where there are a lot of stalls selling different type of food. And the other area across the street is the 夜市 night market area, where there are a lot of shops and stalls selling all sort of stuff. Clothes, shoes, u name it they have it.

Taiwan 夜市 are actually similar in nature, with the food they sell being mostly identical, and the clothes, stuff they sell also fairly similar. From what i observe, ladyironchef can classify the top 3 most popular into the following (according to personal opinion)

Top 3 Most Popular 小吃

1. 鸡扒

2. 大肠包小肠 

3. 鹅阿煎

Chicken cutlets 鸡扒 can be seen anywhere, and is one of the most popular  小吃 in Taiwan, in Singapore, made famous by the 士林夜市鸡扒. But then actually its not just 士林夜市鸡扒 that are nice, there are a lot stores all selling very nice one


大肠包小肠  as the name implies, big sausage with a small sausage inside. As i never had it before, on first thought i really believe it was a big sausage with small sausage, but boy was i wrong. The “big sausage” is actually made of glutinous rice, with a 台湾香肠 inside it. This post does not have a close up picture of it, watch out for the coming post for the picture.

鹅阿煎 i believe is also known for one of the most famous 小吃 in Taiwan. The 鹅阿煎 which they had is different from what we had in Singapore & Malaysia, they had a extra sweet sauce on the 鹅阿煎, which many of Singaporeans may find it weird, but personally i found it to be quite nice.

Top 3 Most Common 小吃

1. 鸡扒

2. 鹅阿煎

3. 果汁

This three type i think are some of the most common 小吃 in Taiwan, many diff stalls selling the same item. Anyway, lets get on to the nice food we ate at Shilin.

After eating, we hurried to the night market across the street and start shopping. Too many things to buy, and too many people around. Hahaha! No time to take photos, so this is the only photo showing the street. Not too bad, my rewards are a black vest, t-shirt, and cap. More to come, more to come. Tomorrow, the next post we shall go to 淡水渔人码头 Fishermans Wharf & old street. After which we will go to the star hotel of the trip, Grand Hyatt!! And also some night shopping. See ya!

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2 Responses to “Taiwan: Yangmingshan-Taipei Shilin”

  1. 1 Hanwei

    I’m sorry if I’m alittle nitpicky on this but its correct written form had to be 蚵 instead of 鹅 as there’s no geese involved, but oysters.

  2. 2 huii

    yes… 蚵阿煎 isa really popular dish in taiwan…and the sweet sauce is actually sort of like their `chilli sauce` cause taiwanese dont really take spicy food…
    the really really famous 炸鸡扒in 士林would be 豪大大鸡扒…its always the stall with the longest Q…
    besides the above mentioned, there is also 棺材板…its also an ubberly delicious 小吃 in taiwan…its deep fried thick toast fill with fillings from egg mayo,prawn mayo, crab mayo to alot of other different flavours…
    i really missed all the 小吃s in taiwan…i`ve been there 3 years ago and went there again last dec and im going there again during march this year…

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