Taiwan: Grand Hyatt-Dian Shui Lou



Lunch is @ Dian Shui Lou 点水楼, i believe the restaurant is rather popular, and similar in concept to Singapore Din Tai Feng. Various celebrities have visited the shop before, most notably Liu Yifei and Huang Xiaoming from ”The return of Condor heros.” The highlight for the place is its famous Xiaolongbao. So lets look at the various variety of xiaolongbao the shop offers.

Apparently, i am not very sure of the different type of xiaolongbao. Hahaha! Too many, and they didn’t tell us which is which. So we just keep on pop-ing xiaolongbao into our greedy mouth. I found the fried rice not bad, but the others don’t really like it because they think that the rice is too soft (Taiwan rice is much softer than Thai rice). I believe the main reason is because Singaporeans are much used to the hard thai rice, so eating the soft Taiwan fried rice they find it weird. This is the “official” end of our Taiwan guided tour. The tour guide collect his tips, and from now on its on our own. Free-and-easy. Stay tune

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