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I know this is kind of over-due, but here goes. Went to Secret Recipe (IMM) with mister Ang like close to one half months ago? Hahaha! But i had cravings for cakes, and at Secret Recipe, they do it good, afforable and it comes in lots of variety.

Pan Grilled Catch of the day with Lobster sauce ($11.50)

Served with french fries, Pan Grilled Catch of the day is prepared with home-made lobster sauce. Frankly speaking, the main reason i choose this dish was because the lobster sauce entices me, and also partly because i want some fishy-stuff. But this dish really disappointed me, mayb it is not bad, but it didn’t really suit my taste. The lobster sauce was nothing special, the fish was not really good. It was kind of bland.

Grilled chicken with BBQ sauce ($10.90)

The grilled chicken set is served with herb rice and fresh garden salad. The chicken is actually like normal western cafe chicken chop, nothing special. For a hawker western food, it might be a tad too expensive, but for a cafe style dining, i thought the price was quite reasonable. So it’s just which way you see it, if you find it expensive, go to hawker centre please.

Choc Fudge ($4.90)

Now, this is where Secret Recipe shines. Desserts, in particular Cakes. The variety of cakes offer are just fantastic. From the must-have like Tiramisu, Black Forest, to their sinfully chocolate section consisting of Choc Chip walnut, Choc Banana, Moist Choc Cake, Choc Mud cake, Cocoa Mocha, Choc Fudge, Choc Indulgence. Scanning through the long list, each makes me unresistable, wanting to try everyone of them, and i think i will. Making several trips to Secret Recipe of course : )

Marble Cheese ($4.90)

And thats not it, they still have cheesecakes to show, there’s the classic cheese, espresso cheese, raspberry cheese, choc cheese, chilled blueberry cheese, chilled strawberry cheese, apple crumble cheese, lemon cheese, caramel cream cheese.

You know the best part of the story is not just their cakes are good, it is also the price is dirt-cheap. At $4.90 a big slice for their delighful cakes, i think its the best deal, and mayb the reason to repeatly go back to Secret Recipe. Nowadays many restaurants’ desserts cakes are no doubt very good, but usually they come in a small slice, and the price can easily double of this.

Shining Stars

Lets see, the positive aspect without a doubt will be their desserts section, with cakes being the king of the crown. Cheap, big slice, sinful-yet-wonderful cakes. What more do you want? N’uff said already, go get them! 

Dark Clouds

The waitress told us that they do not serve ice-water. That, immediately took us at least 10 points off the marking list. You mean a cafe cannot offer its customer even tap-water? Scanning through the drinks menu, there is this one thing called “Distilled water”, whats more the water is packed by Secret Recipe. No doubt, this is the main reason why they do not provided ice water. One word of advice to ALL restaurants and cafes, if you want your diners to eat happily, please provide FREE ice-water. If your reason not to offer ice water is so that diners have to pay for the drinks, you are so wrong.

All in all, Secret Recipe is still a nice place to go for its cheap and nice cakes. If only for the cakes, i will make the trip everytime. Total bill is $36.55 for two person. I confirmed, guarantee plus chop will definitely go back to try out the other cakes, despite the problem about ice-water. Mayb next time i just go for their cake-set, or i bring along my water bottle.

2 Jurong East Street 21
#01-01 Imm Building

 Tel: 6562 1811

” Cakes, how can i resist them? “


5 Responses to “Secret Recipe”

  1. 1 zeezzen

    i have personally tried both dishes that you have tried.. and i think that they are not nice at all… i don’t recommend dining at secret recipes as it is really a bad place to dine.. moreover, i was charged 50 cents for water!

  2. 2 ladyironchef

    Hello zeezzen,

    i am sorry that u have a bad meal there, which dishes did you order? the mains or the cakes? hmm.. i did mention that i find their mains to be quite so-so only, it is their cake which i think are not too bad.

    Yeah, i hate the part where they charged 50 cents for water too. Please don’t take this incident badly, hope you’ll continue to support and read my blog : )


  3. 3 tabb

    I’ve worked in SR before, and i all i can say is that most of the food there is precooked, popped into the microwave and served. Yes, pasta likewise.

    The only thing really worth one’s money is undoubtly the cakes. W/o the cakes, i believe the establishment would have gone with the wind eons ago.

  4. 4 ladyironchef

    Hello tabb: thanks for dropping by and leaving comment

    wow! thats news to me. thanks for the “information”

    ya, i won’t go back for the mains, the cakes are the only things that i look for when i visit Secret Recipe now.

  5. 5 zeezzen

    yeah the main dishes… agree with u.. really so-so only..

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