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Romantic Princess 公主小妹 has finished airing, with the last episode 13 shown on TV last sunday. Starring princess-idol Angela Chang 張韶涵, and currently Asia hottest boy-band Fahrenheit main lead Wu chun 吳尊 as its main male and female leads. Its no wonder that 公主小妹 has been the most highly anticipated idol drama this year, and the results have not let it down.

With an average episode rating of 3.40 nationwide in Taiwan, Romantic Princess has ranked first for all the 13 episodes, and beaten the likes Sweet Relationship 美味關係 featuring Vic Zhou and Patty Hou, which was aired at the same time.

Romantic Princess 公主小妹 previously was supposed to be 10 episodes, but due to overwhelming responses, the director decided to extend the show to 13 episodes, much to the delight of fans who felt that 10 episodes were way too short for such a good show. Here are some reasons why 公主小妹 is the idol drama for the year:

The script is fantasy, fairy-tale like

Don’t we all love to have a fantasy and fairy-tale like life? Well in Romantic Princess 公主小妹, they provide exactly that. Despite this fairy-tale story being a old-and-used formula for many shows and movies, it works doesn’t it? From a poor girl, one day the dream to be rich become true, and the girl turns into a princess.

Didn’t we all see this formula many times? Think Goong where a normal girl (Yoon Eun Hye) turns into the Crown Princess, and Full House where a normal girl (Song Hye Kyo) get together with a famous idol (Rain). It works, really.

The leads display perfect chemistry

This is usually one of the most important factors to determine whethet the show is a success or failure. In 公主小妹, although Angela Chang 張韶涵 and Wu chun 吳尊, and they admitted feeling strange at first, however they instantly warmed up to each other.

In the show, Angela character 小麥 and Wu chun character 南風瑾  disliked each other, but slowly hatred turns to love as their relationship starts to unravel. The couple when fighting against each other display humourous scenes, and when they are in love, its romance all over with a Big R.  

The Splendid, Prince and Princess costumes 

Since the show is about princess 公主, you can’t expect a princess to dress too sloppy can you? Well actually Angela did wear some commoners cloth at the start and somewhere middle of the show, but thats when she is not rich. 

Other than that, fanciful and Princess costumes, with Princess-like hairstyle and lifestyle, it is what every girls want. Even the 4 male characters are always out in nice nice clothes. Clothes does make or break a person.

The ever-present twist in the show

From the start where Angela turns into a princess from a poor girl, to the middle where she attends school and start to fall for Wu Chun, and when her grandpa finds another girl Gong Mo Li (Genie Zhuo) to pretend as the real grand daughter, to the end where grandpa fall deeply ill, there is suspense all over which keep us hook thinking what’s coming up next. Many tricks used by grandpa to make Angela admit that she is in love with Wu chun.

The happily-ever-after ending

Well this is a bit more tricky, the ending is not really what i expected, too abrupt, with so much things left to explain. Mayb its done on purpose for the continuation of Romantic princess 公主小妹2. Nevertheless, the ending is still a happy ending, with the male and female leads being together, and grandpa giving them their freedom to pursue their happiness and dreams. Kudos to the director.

Romantic princess 公主小妹 is the must-watch Taiwan idol drama for the year, if you have not watch it yet, please do so immediately. The next shows to watch will be Hebe’s new drama, Bull Fighting 鬥牛。要不要. 

Hello to the many people reading this entry, please do share your comments. Thanks : )

” The Prince and the Princess lives happily ever after ” 


20 Responses to “Romantic Princess”

  1. 1 sp*


  2. 2 ladyironchef

    only leave a wow comment? hahaha. whats that suppose to mean? lol

  3. 3 mEy_gU

    i wAnT 2 bE sHiAo mEy



  5. 5 Princess Lasmarias

    the story was good and i really love it…. hope there will be season 2… angela and wu chun will get married and have lots of kids…. 🙂
    hehehehehe i really admire angela chung so much and i like wu chun also hes so handsome… both of the actors and actress are pretty and handsome very perfect for their role…………….. i wish there will be season 2 plsssssssssssssssssss

  6. 6 ladyironchef

    Hello Princess Lasmarias,

    thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment.

    Yeah, i like the story very much too, i think with the ending of the last epi like that, they probably will come out with season 2 : ))


  7. 7 andi nurul a

    is the best for me and person

  8. 8 indri

    romantic princess ganti jam tayang dunkzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,klo bisa sore aj, biznya mlem banget,jadinya w ga bisa nonton,tayanginnya sore ya…………………..

  9. 9 -vErLy-LiciOuS

    iM aLso onE Of tHe FaNs oF RoMaNtIc pRiNcESs…
    i ReALLY LiKe ThE StOrY AnD i HoPe ThAt ThErE Is SeAsOn 2..i’M eXcItEd tO WaTcH SeAsOn 2 Of RoMaNtIc PriNcEss…

    aNgELa AnD Wu cHun Have GoOd ChEmIsTrY…
    aNd ThEy ArE BoTh My iDol bEcaUsE I SaW Wu ChUn In HANA KIMI aNd AngELa in AT DOLPHIN BAY….

    cAn U PlS InFoRm Me GuyZz If ThErE Is SeAsOn 2 oF RoMaNtIC PrInCeSs?

    jUsT E.MaIL Me HeRe…


  10. 10 xiNg

    the ending was really not good!
    are you sure there is a season 2 for it?
    coz i reallt want to watch the season 2
    why’s that Wu zun’s shows always end up as an
    open-ended ending??
    like Hana Kimi and Romantic Princess
    well nice blog..
    it’s really a WOW..=]

  11. 11 ladyironchef

    hello xing, i moved to a new domain already,

  12. i love romantic princess
    very much
    such a wonderful story
    wu chun is very good actor
    nd of course singer also calvin
    nd angela chang
    ..guys keep up the good work…

  13. 13 LighTInG

    i’m very happy to see wu chun again!
    i love hana kimi…
    because of him.
    and i also love this `Romantic Princess`
    not only because of him but because of the cast.
    they are all adorable.
    especially the chemistry of wu chun and angela!

  14. 14 luiza

    I have just visited GoPetition and found the following page very interesting:


  15. i love romantic princess…..

    but the ending…..

    isnt beautiful because it was like there will be have season 2…

    please inform me if there would be a season 2 of it…..

    just e-mail me here:

    and i will wait for your answer….

  16. 16 chealsea


  17. 17 chelsea

    snA mAy sEasOn 2 aNg rOmAntic princEss….ang gAndA tLga!

  18. 18 genie faith

    HELLO………….. you are cute wu,,,,,,,,,, i always remember my past when i saw your movie……………… we are your no. 1 fan………….. we will always love you…………..

  19. i love this movie! its so funny, becuz, neg feng lin, and the others speack, like, its so for real!zhi xu, this is the first taiwanese movie i have ever watched. and , itst the best! i dont know how to thank you, but, when i’m sad, and watch this movie, my worries are gone, and i feel, better! thanks for making this movie! xie xie! wo ai ni!

    ai ni,
    cindy lee

  20. 20 DIANA

    Muy BUeNa La NOveLa MM Me GUsTA muXO!!

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