Seafood Park



A simple family affair at Sunset way, not the many newly opened restaurants there, but beside there, a coffee shop “zi-char” store. Normal folks like us can’t be eating in restaurants and cafe everyday can we?

Fishhead Steamboat ($20)

Well, this is one of their speciality i guess. Fishhead steamboat. The fish was all right, but i was surprised by the amount of other ingredients like vegies and some other stuff they put in. The quantity was certainly there, so if you ordered this, there is not really a need to order another vegetable dish.

Hotplate Tofu ($8)

Like normal hotplate Tofu, nothing much special, and the price is like always.

Sambal Kangkong ($6)

I think i am a sucker for Sambal Kangkong, or at least we always order this when we eat out.

Sweet & Sour pork ($6)

This dish really fails, big time. I was having a desire for Sweet & sour pork which is one of my fav dishes, but here they do it bad. Eh, the pork was too soft, not Q at all, do not have the good pork ‘taste’. Mayb the quality of the pork is to be questioned, and also mayb the skill of cooking this dish is not up there yet. O well

Prawn paste Chicken ($6)

This was quite acceptable i guess. As in some Zi-char store really mess up this dish, while some can do it very well. In this case, they didn’t mess it up, nor did they do it superbly. So i say, not bad.

All in all, like what i say, a simple family affair which does not burns you in the pocket if you are lazy to cook and choose to dine out. Total bill was $48.80 for 4 person. The ‘meats’, ‘vegies’ are all relatively cheap at mostly $6 a dish. So many skip the fish, and order more of the meats and vegies? We went to Daily Scoop for ice-cream treats. Watch this space.

Seafood park
Blk 107 Clementi St 12 #01-k1
Tel: 67757549

” Nothing beats eating together with your family and loved ones “


3 Responses to “Seafood Park”

  1. 1 sp*

    your page always, makes me hungry.

  2. 2 ladyironchef

    hahaha. thats good. the post on Hooked! is coming up next. Watch out for it ok : )

  3. 3 sp*


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